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Posted by on April 5, 2021

The flat watch for the smartest
Are you more of a shirt and polo shirt, stylish with moccasins? Direct your choice towards a flat or extra-thin watch, which will go perfectly with your look thanks to its elegance . Admittedly, the model is rather sober. But this simplicity puts forward a chic and refined style . Most of the models that you can find on the market offer a stainless steel dial with a leather strap, but some brands still give you the option of customizing the chosen model. You will thus be able to choose the color of the case or the bottom of the dial, the length and the material of the strap, which can be leather, crocodile leather, metal or braided perlon.

The extra-thin watch is another variation of the same style. Due to its finesse, it also matches a classic style and is suitable for those who like to stand out.

The minimalist model for street-style enthusiasts
Are you a student and usually go out with a simple, urban-inspired look? There are models with a slim and clean design that can easily be worn with your style. Examples are Citizen brand watches. In leather or steel, their simple look allows them to be associated with a sober look while keeping style. Their finesse also makes them practical models to wear on a daily basis. Some are even made of rubber and are more suitable if you happen to end the day with your friends playing sports.

The vintage model for a dandy look
If you like to wear the vintage look, know that there are also watches designed for your style, and which are also distinguished by a most original look : golden bracelet, square or rectangular dial. Trendy at the moment, they are easy to find, but if you are looking for the rarer models, you will have to visit specialty stores. Thanks to their authenticity , these models go well with the most basic pieces of your wardrobe, for a classy look in shirt and jacket, or even for a more urban look for vintage watches with more casual looks.

Models dedicated to athletes
Want to keep your watch on when you jog? Opt for rubber models intended for this use. Several brands offer them today, in order to offer a model more suitable for use and style. It goes without saying that the model equipped with a steel dial and a leather strap does not in any way match sportswear. The rubber one is also lighter and more resistant, it will be more comfortable for movement and resistant to sweat . Some are also equipped with a chronograph which allows its performance to be followed.

If you plan to practice an outdoor activity without losing any of your style, you should rather equip yourself with a diving watch , the famous dive watches. With a blue or black dial, these models are the ally of casual outfits. They can also complete a light outfit in summer, allowing you to enjoy your trip at sea without fear of water. Their rubber strap and waterproofness are designed to adapt to such uses.

Round, square, rectangular: which shape for which style?
Brands can offer their models in several variants, with a square, rectangular or round dial. The round dial model is the most used among men, because it adapts to all styles. All you have to do is choose a model that matches your look, between sporty, chic and casual. Rarer, square or rectangular watches give a more formal look. They will therefore be perfect on a formal outfit.

Buying a watch: how to choose the right size?
Finally decided on which model you are going to buy? All you have to do is choose a suitable size to bring out the desired look . How to go about it ?

The safest way to find the right size will be to measure your wrist with a seamstress tape, or failing that, a ribbon or string. Then add half a centimeter to the measurement obtained to have the ideal size.

For the diameter, you are free to choose it according to your tastes. However, it is advisable to adapt it to the morphology of your wrist . If you have a small wrist, then opt for a model with a thinner bracelet. An imposing bracelet may indeed visually crush your wrist, and take away part of the style

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