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In the world of so much of pollution and mixing, most of the people live a very unhealthy lifestyle. The stress and hectic schedule has become a major health concern. People are so busy in their lives that they hardly get time to think about their health. But as the saying goes “health is wealth”, it is important for you to spare a few minutes daily for your body. We know the value of nutrition and maintaining a healthy living. As an attempt to create awareness amidst the young generation that greatly has been depending on the junk food for survival, our health and nutrition blog was created. You have always learnt about the importance of having a balance diet and also how important it is for each of us to add fruits and vegetables into our diet. Working in the nutrition and health industry for years, our blog mainly aims at inspiring the younger generations to embrace a healthier lifestyle by incorporating a good diet and exercise plan into their daily routine.

The plan is to get you into a lifestyle that will keep you away from the doctor and diseases naturally. Each of our blog posts are meant to inspire people to get into healthy food habits. Healthy food habits not only include fruits and veggies but fruit and vegetable juices are a significant part of our blogs. Juices are something that are very easily available and can do wonders to your diet and health. Juices are light and can fit into your diet even if you are full. Although, you may have always read that it is better to consume the raw fruits over juices as the fiber content increases the metabolism and also has many other benefits. But, if you fail to do so, adding juices to your diet is sufficient to see the benefits. There are people who are completely new to juicing and tend to make a lot of mistakes. You may have seen people mixing a number of juices in a single glass and drinking them together. This is completely wrong. Adding a number of juices that might not be compatible together can lead to nutrition losses and the end result would be nothing more than a rise in your insulin level. Our posts cover all the pros and cons of doing such blunders which are quite common nowadays.

Another aspect is what kind of juicers should be used for the wide variety of fruits and veggies available in the market? There are a number of juicers available in the market and you need to know about them in details before getting your own juicer. You will find enough and more information on our blog for the same. There are various product reviews giving you complete insight on the user experience and specifications of the various juicers. There is much more information on diets, juicing and juicers to help you adopt a suitable lifestyle. You get to know everything i.e. from buying tips, nutritional facts to the different experimental recipes that can actually work in your favor.