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Posted by on February 4, 2019

The video is basically based on the idea that describes the importance of including fruit juices in our diet. The benefits of drinking juices and that too of the variety of fruits and green vegetables are long known. Although everyone knows their importance, they tend to not adopt them and do not include them into their diets. As a part to learn the benefits of these juices when included voluntarily into the food habits, each of the members were asked to take up the juice challenge for 3 days. The juices were provided to each of them and they were asked to take up a 3 day challenge to develop a healthy eating habit for each of them. the speaker talks about the sedentary lifestyle and despite eating healthy how taking up the three day challenge can actually bring your life on track.

There are basically 4 different people who have come forward to take up the challenge. They thereby talk about the various juice tastes and share their experience along the way.

Each speaker speaks about how they wanted to get on track while drinking the juices and yet could not take up the habit because of their lazy attitude and lifestyle. Trying out the new juicing habit seemed more like a burden.

Further talking about the flavors each of them discussed about the variety of juices available and how awful or awesome they tasted. The speakers drank the juices and shared the experiences.

One of them stated that including the juice into their life made them feel more energetic and hence they could feel the difference in their bodies.

They also stated that adopting this method, is an initiative for people to get their lives on a healthy track and what could be better than starting to drink the juices.