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Posted by on February 6, 2019

Why You Shouldn't Buy Omega VRT350 Juicer

Fruits have been a very important part of our lifestyle. The nutrients, the enzymes, the antioxidants are all of those essential components that are needed by our body to function properly. Each fruit and veggie that we eat has different content that adds much more value to the food that you take in. The fruit juices can be taken side by side with your food and adding it to your daily routine can actually bring wonderful health benefits. Extracting the juice of these was once considered as a very tedious task. But as the technology has advanced, there are multiple juicers that are available in the market so that you can easily extract the required juice from the fruits. As we know that the juicers come in different varieties, shape and form. All the juicers are not same.

The juicer required to juice out the vegetables is not the same as that used to extract the fruit juice. There are a lot of juicers available in the market and omega VRT350 is one among them. Having reviewed the juicer from many the omega VTR350 is a vertical juicer of masticating style that features high efficiency. It comes in a vertical design. The juicers come in various shape and sizes. The omegaVTR350 is also referred to as the low speed juicer.

The juicer is said to process at 80 rpm. Normally the juicer speeds correspond to 1650 to 15000 rpm. As we know that the fruits and juices are made up of healthy enzymes. These enzymes are quite helpful and churning at low speed help retain these enzymes in your juices. The juices are great to maintain the enzyme level and prevent their oxidation. This allows you to store them for about 72 hours. The juicer comes in a dual stage processing system. The juicer extracts the maximum juice that could be extracted from the vegetables, fruits and the leafy greens.

The juices add a lot of nutrition to your diet.  There are numerous juicers available in the market that comes at a much more advanced technology as compared to the early juicers. Omega VTR 350 hence lags far behind in technology. Comparing the juicer to the present, new juicers having a much higher speed and effective ways is the one that people prefer to buy. The pros and cons of having Omega VTR 350 are many. Here is a list of few of them:


  • The juicer is super easy to assemble.
  • The juicer comes in a patented screw design that efficiently squeezes and presses ingredients to extract juices.
  • The VRT has special pusher that pushes all the ingredients properly into the juicer.
  • The special container is present to collect the ejected pulp.
  • You are allowed to put water into the juicer through the chute which allows the self cleaning of the things. You can easily clean the juicer.


  • When compared with other juicers, the extraction of juice is not proper which allows a lot of wastage of both the juice and the fruit.
  • Also, the juicer is meant for low speed squeezing and grinding. The low speed grinding may allow long storage duration of juices but cannot compare anywhere with the high speed juicers. The high speed juicers provide effective extraction of juices, which is better in taste. The juices can be freshly drunk and need not be stored for long.
  • The peels get stuck into the pulp container which makes it difficult for you to remove it and hence cleaning in such cases become difficult.

The Omega VTR 350 is the juicer which is not preferred by its users nowadays. And you can see why by readying this Omega VRT350 Review. The other more effective juicers have come into the markets that have replaced Omega VTR 350. Although Omega VTR350 has been a great choice with great features but matching the current competition does not seem possible. The juicers in the market are capable of multitasking, peeling of the skin and extracting the juice flexibly. The juice quality and quantity too has increased by multiple folds. The juicers hence have overtaken it and Omega VTR 350 is hence not recommended. Thus, it is advisable to consider the other juicers and not buy Omega VTR350 as your first choice.