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Posted by on March 12, 2019

Today’s homeowners are so busy with repairs, improvements, and maintenance that Pest Control Kennesaw often takes a back seat. However, ignoring a termite problem now may lead to substantial damage later on. Below, local homeowners will learn why they should schedule regular pest control visits.

Past Termite Problems

If the home has had termites in the past, it’s doubly important to have regular Termite Control Kennesaw. While a single infestation doesn’t always mean there will be another, it’s best to stay updated on pest control. When termites are left to feast and swarm, they cause costly and widespread damage. In homes that haven’t had inspections in more than a year, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a pest control expert.

Termites in the Neighborhood

Seeing termite swarms around the area means that it’s time for Pest Control Kennesaw. These insects usually swarm when food supplies are running low, and while it can happen at any time of year, it’s most common in autumn and spring. Swarms don’t always indicate home damage, but they do point to a nearby active colony. When there are termites swarming, call for preventive treatments.

Mud Tubes on the Premises

Subterranean termites build tubes of mud so colonies can move between shelters and food sources. These tubes are the termites’ main mode of protection from predators and the environment, and they’re a primary indicator of termite activity in the home. If there are tubes near or on the home, it’s time for a visit from a pest control expert.

Visible Damage to Wooden Components

If a homeowner can see damaged wood around and in the home, it’s likely that there’s a deep-seated termite infestation. These insects eat wood from the inside out, working their way into walls gradually. Once there’s visible damage on the outside of the home, the infestation has likely gone on for a long while. At the first sign of wood damage, call for a professional inspection and treatment recommendations.

A Professional Inspection Provides Peace of Mind for Area Homeowners

Local teams of pest control experts have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to neutralize and discover any termite issue. Inspectors are certified and undergo continuing education so they can identify termites and other pests. With a thorough inspection, a homeowner has the best chance to stop a termite infestation before it causes catastrophic damage. For inspections and Pest Control Woodstock, fill out the online contact form or call today.

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