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Posted by on November 15, 2018

I think girls will not be unfamiliar with the hair of the meatballs. This is a cool, fresh and sweet hair style in the summer. It’s a good idea to see how this fresh and simple ball head looks good. Then you are in the right place. Today, take you to look at these very good-looking ball heads, and add a sense of fashion to you.

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The fresh and sweet meatball head has the best refreshing feeling, the brown hair color has more dazzling light under the light, the fresh and clean little face with more fresh and sweet temperament, such a pure beauty It is worth everyone to love.

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Our sun goddess, a fluffy and sweet ball head is more fresh and energetic. The octagonal bangs in the middle are scattered on both sides, with full effect, and the sweet little face has more smiles. It makes people feel heart.

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A simple and convenient ball head, high on the top of the head and has a hint of clutter, but it does not affect the overall beauty, with a delicate makeup is full of charming temperament, clean and neat More charming.

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A sweet and feminine double-ball head with more fresh and sweet, black ball head with a hair-cut hair accessory, more pure and pure, this fresh and sweet girl exudes Full of girlish atmosphere.

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The ball head is not only high, but such a low-slung ball head with a full lazy atmosphere is also with more charming atmosphere, leaving some fluffy bangs, but also a full-fledged full score, the whole person Exudes a full of goddess temperament.

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The half-tied ball head has more youthful and playful, the simple mix is ​​more fresh and charming, and the clean and refreshing little face is filled with fresh and energetic atmosphere, which makes people feel more good.

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