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Posted by on November 26, 2018

The first step in fashion is to use the texture to highlight the layering, the hair is cut out of the layer, and then the fluffy, increasing the air feel, the short hair looks more three-dimensional, to know that the flat collapse is the root of all short hair style death.

Those who have shoulder-shoulders and like to keep bangs need to take care of this. They will make the hair on both sides fluffy while maintaining the texture, gorgeous and fashionable, no need to worry about short hair like aunt, or hot pear head, it is also recognized. Small face hairstyle.

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The short hair with the shoulders just shoulders, the short hair with the inner brackets and the long bangs to create a mature woman’s gas field, this hairstyle can also be called lob head, blowing hair on both sides, it can also play a small face effect, for Mature women and royal sisters can’t miss it.

Use the vertical roll to smooth the hair on both sides, and after getting the ear, stay in the front, and the mature temperament is still super small. Keeping a hair in the corner of the corner is a bright spot.

The natural micro-volume shoulder-length short hair, v-volume design makes the hair look more natural, the hair ends cut a little layer, after the hot roll, there is also the effect of increasing the amount of hair, it is recommended that girls with less hair try this hairstyle.

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After the short shoulders of the shoulders, it is inevitable that it is a bit monotonous, and it is easy to stick to the scalp. In order to avoid this problem, the hair is hot, and you can make a haircut at home. You don’t want to rub your neck. You can also do this in time.

The shoulders are made into a big side, and after the hot roll, it is more feminine. The valgus s roll bangs to create the goddess and the super-small face is also a round-faced hot hair hairstyle. However, this hairstyle is most suitable for a small square face girl.

A shoulder-length hair style with a hairy tail, many people will start to curl out when the hair length reaches the shoulder. If you feel that it is not easy to take care of it, it is better to burn a scalloped scalp from the cheekbones. Finally, the hair is out of the tail, a very playful hairstyle.

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