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Posted by on February 13, 2019

The primary source of the digital information that we have around is the internet, and the internet is a free resource hence anybody who has access to the internet can get the information. The information found on the internet is not selective in the manner that all is good, some of the data can be lead children astray is they get it. Parenting in the current generation has become hard as the parents have to make sure that their children access the right information from the internet and also have to make sure they do not go against the children’s right to information. The parents should earn the trust of their children and become their friends so that the child can share what is disturbing them quickly with the parent. But if the child learns that the parent is spying on what they are doing online using the phones or computers, it will break that relationship. Because children have little knowledge about the dangers, they may face on the internet and also if they use the internet for long periods they may become internet addicts. The parents should have a talk with the children and let them know about the effects of the internet, and what they may face, the parent should be close to the children in a manner that the children can inform them whenever they have a problem. If you are interested, view here!

Also, the parent should close to the children and note whenever the children start changing into internet addicts. The parent should also tell the children the importance of using the search engines that are safe for the children and give them examples of those search engines. The parents should install an internet browser that provides limited access to information found on the internet on the computing devices that the children are using. The parents have control over their children, and they can dictate the times when the children will be using computers, this can reduce the risk of the children becoming internet addicts. Most of the people are on the social media where they interact with the vital friends they share ideas, children and teenagers are also on the social media sites, it is the duty of the parents to know the type of people their children are socializing with on these sites. The parents need to do it in a manner that the children wouldn’t know like installing applications that can send them information about activities such as the calls the children will receive or make or conversations the child had on the social sites. Hence the parent will be informed of the child’s online activities. You’ll want to learn more about this.  Also, here are some tips for staying safe on the web:


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