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Posted by on August 20, 2018


Individuals experiencing hair loss will be keen to find a solution to the problem. Various methods can be used as a solution for hair loss, but most of the ways aren’t clinically prove, which means that one cannot depend on them. Apart from the fact that the methods don’t work, you will be putting your safety at risk if you decide to use such methods to stimulate hair re-growth. A good number of individuals over the age of 50 experience hair loss, but there is no reason for you to despair as you can rely on a therapy that has proved to be effective in stimulating hair growth. Keep reading and learn the benefits that you reap from the use of laser therapy for hair growth.


The main reason why individuals prefer Capillus laser for hair growth as the best solution for hair loss is the fact that the devices are safe and they also have no side-effects. When one experiences hair loss, they will seek any available solution to help them re-grow their hair. Some individuals will settle for medications while other persons find surgery as the best remedy for hair loss. Some drugs that have been designed to help men with cases of hair loss might work and help you enhance hair thickness, but they also come with serious side-effect such as loss of sexual desire as well as impotence. There are no side-effects that have been reported from the individuals who relied on the use of laser light for hair growth, and this means that it is the safest treatment for hair growth.


You will experience no pain when you make use of LLLT for hair growth. Individuals keen on hair growth treatment avoid surgery as they find the treatment invasive and likely to cause pain. In the case of lasers such as Capillus, one doesn’t have to worry about the pain. One can wear the cap at any given time and even handle some tasks. When at home reading your favorite novel or watching your best television program, you ha e the chance to enjoy the benefits that come with the use of laser caps. For more information, you may also check


One doesn’t need a prescription to acquire the laser cap. Although most doctors will suggest the use of laser caps to help individuals with hair loss problem, you will be able to make use of the cap at the privacy of your home, and you can acquire one even without prescription, see page here!


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