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Posted by on June 1, 2019

Box braids is a hairstyle that is popular among many people which was started in the nineteen nineties. The hair style is made in such a way that there are individual braids that are divided in a common manner in square or box parts. The style may be in different lengths and width depending on the preference of an individual. While making the hair style, most people always add some natural or synthetic hair so that the braids can be fuller, thicker and longer. One of the benefits of box braids is that they are not attached to the scalp which means that you can style them differently. Box braids hairstyles are also beneficial in that they can help in protecting your hair from any environmental damage and excess breakage.

In case you decide to have box braids on your hair, it is necessary for you to understand how to care for them in the right manner so that they can last for a long time and for you to minimize any discomfort. Although you might need a long time before the box braids are completed, you will definitely love the end result because it is beautiful and can last for a long time. The box braids only need some little daily maintenance for them to serve you for some months. You should ensure that you clean your braids ad scalp not less than one time in a week using a good hair shampoo. The reason why you should always keep your hair and scalp clean is because there is usually some build-up of sweat and dirt during the day which might clog your pores. Read more at

You should be prepared to have the box braids expose your hair and scalp more that they are used which makes them prone to becoming dry. For that matter, you should always ensure that you wash the hair and scalp in order that they can be moisturized. You can look for a spray bottle and put some moisturizer in it which you can then spray on your hair and scalp. The other thing that you can use in case you find that water is not enough to moisturize your hair and scalp is natural oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil among others. Such oils are good at soothing your hair and scalp as well as keeping your hair looking neat. You should always ensure that your box braids are dry before you can style them. Find out more about boix braids here:


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