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Posted by on January 14, 2019

Electromagnetic radiation comes in many forms, certain of which are particularly useful for specific purposes. All types of electromagnetic radiation are fundamentally alike in that they comprise energy which can sometimes act like particles. Different varieties of electromagnetic radiation are generally distinguished by their frequencies, as those within particular bands exhibit distinctive, characteristic behaviors of various kinds.

The spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that is detectable by the human eye, for instance, is of fairly low energy and little penetrating power. A invisible band of electromagnetic radiation covers “X-ray” frequencies millions of times higher with energy levels that are correspondingly inflated. Both forms of energy are commonly used in hospitals, generally along with specialized products that are designed to allow them to be utilized safely and effectively.

The Healthcare-Related Pros and Cons of Electromagnetic Radiation

In many healthcare facilities, for example, both lasers and X-rays are regularly used for therapeutic, diagnostic, or other purposes. The visible light that is focused to produce laser beams is rarely all that dangerous under normal circumstances but can become much more so when it is purposely concentrated.

X-rays, on the other hand, must be treated with caution in just about every situation. Because the energy levels of X-rays are so often high, even a small amount of exposure can easily cause serious harm to human beings.

At the same time, these and other forms of electromagnetic radiation can just as well be used for good. Lasers are now frequently employed for surgical purposes, while X-rays have been used for many years to produce images that reveal the internal structures of patients’ bodies.

Protecting Against the Dangers That Can Come From Certain Types of Radiation

In the former case, technicians, nurses, doctors, and patients will often wear leaded glasses that protect them from the harm which could result from the exposure of an eye to a laser beam. When X-ray images are to be made, patients will normally be protected by lead-filled vests that limit their exposure to the radiation.

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities also make regular use of other types of products that provide important but secondary sorts of functionality. In most radiography clinics and labs, for instance, Xray Markers will be used to add information to the images that are being produced.

Just as vests and glasses lined with lead block electromagnetic radiation of certain kinds, so do these markers do so themselves, although for a different reason. Employing appropriate precautions will always make it easier to leverage electromagnetic radiation in ways that are plainly positive, overall.

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