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Posted by on April 13, 2019

Integrity testing does not just involve ensuring that employees do not steal or lie. It is also an effective way to assess for values and competencies like trustworthiness and reliability. Integrity tests can determine whether or not an employee is more likely to engage in adverse activities or exhibit inappropriate behavior at the workplace. Unfortunately, most employers around the world have not yet adopted this kind pre-employment assessment for their applicants. Here are some of the most important reasons for employers to require integrity testing before they hire an applicant for any position.

First, pre-employment integrity testing is necessary if the position does not just require the employee to be a competent and skilled worker. Competencies and experience are definitely crucial things to consider before hiring any applicant. However, there are certain positions where a person’s core values are just as essential as his competencies. For positions, for instance, that entail the handling of the company’s finances, it is necessary to know whether or not the applicant will be able to handle the work honestly and reliably. An integrity test would allow an employer to understand their business would not sustain any damage because of the applicant’s lack of integrity later on.  View here to know more about an  integrity test.

Second, an integrity test will ensure that the employer is aware of what the employee’s attitude toward work is. It would establish whether the employee is prone to absenteeism or unprofessional behavior at the workplace. It would let an employer know whether the employee is reliable and what his performance will be like later on. As such, the employer can prevent creating a toxic workplace where work is impossible to get done and his other employees would be miserable in.  You can  view here  for more information.

Finally, compared to the standard personality test or a round of unstructured interviews, an integrity test is much more effective at determining the results necessary. Pre-employee integrity tests often costs less in the long run than other kind of tests because it can be done with the presence of a supervisor. An employer wouldn’t have to expend as much manpower during the testing process. It also properly accounts for factors such as race or gender. For this reasons, most experts consider a pre-employment integrity tests from Success Performance Solutions as less biased than other kinds of personality tests. It is definitely a great way to determine whether an applicant would be a great fit for the culture of the company.   Read more here :


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