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Posted by on August 23, 2018

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There are a lot of choices when it comes to engagement rings. Every single part of the ring is completely customizable. This can be overwhelming for a man who wants to propose to his sweetheart.  There is a lot of pressure to pick out the perfect ring. If you are inexperienced with buying jewelry, this problem becomes even harder. Thankfully, though, you have chosen to read this article. To learn more about  Diamond Engagement Ring, click here! Here you will learn some professional tips for choosing an engagement ring that both pleases and flatters your future wife.
First, you should take into account the general size and shape of her fingers. Are they long, short, rounded, thin, wide? These are all important because it determines the type of ring which will be flattering on her. If she has short, small fingers, you should not buy her a giant stone with a wide band. It will overpower her fingers and look strange on her hand. If she has long fingers, a round or square stone can shorten them.
Once you have used your common sense to figure out what will look good on her fingers, you can start to pick out the cut of the stone. You can show off a large, clear, diamond with an emerald cut. Or you can hide a small carat size by getting a pear-shaped stone. If she likes it to really sparkle, there are special cuts which can significantly increase the brilliance of even a small stone. Generally, the jeweler will advertise these special cuts. Learn more about  Diamond Engagement Ring. They are quite popular and thus, easy to find.
After you have the stone figured out, the rest of the ring is actually pretty simple. You must just coordinate the attributes of the diamond with the rest of the ring. For example, a small, round stone would look strange with a very thick band. If the diamond itself is larger, perhaps there is no need to include any additional stones or designs. Alternatively, a beautiful stone can look flat next to a plain band. Luckily, many jewelry designers have already thought of such things for you.
These types of considerations can make the process much smoother. Spend a few minutes secretly studying her hands, then take to the online jewelry stones to begin your search. And of course, do not forget to consider any hints or suggestions she may have given you. Those are the most useful tips you can get. Learn more from


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