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Posted by on May 24, 2018


Eezee is considered the first Business-to-Business platform in Singapore that offers a marketplace that is secure for both the buyers and sellers of industrial supplies and hardware. The Eezee team is always dedicated to creating regular content to keep their clients up-to-date, informed and educated about the industry. Most buyers and suppliers of industrial materials and hardware are opting for Eezee due to the many benefits associated with it.


One of the main benefits of being a buyer at Eezee is that you will be able to compare product offerings instantly. You will not have to worry about going from one shop to another in search for your preferred product since Eezee has created a solution to address the procurement process. Through its fully integrated search engine, you will be able to see a variety of brands, industrial supplies, the prices offered almost instantly and also compare the multiple products with all the information you need. With Eezee, you will not have to worry about waiting for the suppliers to send you quotations or specification sheets since the platform contains all the information you may need right at your fingertips. With this regard, you can select the product listings that best suits your needs and falls within your budget.


The other benefit that comes with being a buyer at Eezee is that you will find all your industrial supplies and hardware in one place. Considering that the Eezee platform provides thousands of product listings, you will be assured of finding the industrial supplies that you need. Since they also work closely with an extensive number of merchants, you will be assured of getting the industrial supplies and hardware at affordable prices. In case you fail to find the product that suits your needs on the Eezee platform, you will get assistance from its team of dedicated customer care service that will help in sourcing the product that you need. Read more about this Singapore startup!


Lastly, by being a buyer at Eezee, you will be assured of quality and reliable products. Since the company prides itself on being Singapore’s largest eezee hardware store due to its quality products and convenience in service delivery, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind. The fact that the company reviews every single potential supplier and choose them based on a rigorous selection process, you will be assured of purchasing high-quality products. Considering that Eezee has a transparent pricing system, you will be able to know where your every cent goes to since as the buyer you are entitled to know the production cost of each product you are buying.


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