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Posted by on April 15, 2019

An egg donor is a unique and uncommon opportunity for people to help others that are having problems with getting children. There are now rising cases of infertility and people getting pregnant later in their lives. Most of these people are not able to have children or unable to carry them at full term. That is why a number of them result to surrogacy. The egg donation process can be a personally affecting experience and there is great care in selecting the donors for a particular couple. Depending on the program, the qualifications for the set of donors will be variable and some are regulated through laws. There is a meticulous and accurate selection process which results to only a few women qualifying to for donation. There are a few gynecologic and physical considerations that a potential egg donor must know about.  Here is more info about  the  egg donation Los Angeles provides.

One of the primary factors to consider when choosing people are the age of the donor. They must be of legal and optimal age in order to undergo the egg donation process. The minimum age for women mostly is 18 years of age but can be higher depending on the country. The program usually accepts women from 19-31 years of age. But some prefer to have donors within the 2nd and 3rd decade. Older donors who reach the age of 35 typically have reduction in terms of being fertile and are prone to abnormalities.  You can  see more  info here.

The donor’s physical health is also a major consideration. To be qualified for egg donation, one must be clear of any hereditary or genetic diseases. The donor also need to be an optimum health with no current or prolonged drug addiction problems. Donors will need to undergo complete medical examination such as complete history, physical exam, blood test, urine tests, infectious disease screening and test for STD’s. Usually donors have to be within normal BMI have normal blood test results, should not be taking medications, should not have risky lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol, should have genetic testing and no prior exposure to HIV.
Donors must also be in complete psychological health with no personal or family history of mental disorders. They will also be assessed for their complete gynecological history to qualify for donating eggs. Also very importantly, the donors will also be checked for their personal characteristics such as evaluation of their criminal record and education.  Learn more here :


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