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Posted by on June 26, 2018


In most instances thinking about self discovery leads you to the imagination about yourself in regards to your material possessions. Others would view it in regards to physical appearance at a given time. But have you ever thought about discovering yourself psychologically or spiritually? Does such a discovery even exist? Well, these are questions that linger in the minds of very many people the world over.


Discovering yourself is journey that requires you to understand psychology and spirituality. The two have a great correlation with personal growth and development. They are more about discovering yourself in terms of feelings and perspectives rather than physically and materially. For you to fully understand your psychological and spiritual well-being there are three questions you should be able to answer about yourself.  Know about The Self Discovery Project here!


The first question you must answer is, who am I? The answer to this question sounds pretty obvious to many people. However, it is not as easy since it relates to understanding yourself psychologically and spiritually as opposed to knowing yourself physically. To answer this question you must first distance yourself from the material part of your life. We do sometimes get so much engrossed in possessions and relationships until we fail to do self reflection of our well-being.


The second question that should be answered is where have I come from? This question assists you in discovering how much you have developed psychologically and spiritually. By knowing the milestones you have stepped you will be well prepared for the next steps in your life. A life coach will tell you that understanding your past is the best way to address your future. If your past does not reflect the image of yourself that you are proud of then you can seek personal development coaching. Spiritual development coaching can also come in handy. Know more facts at this website about life coach.


The last question to answer in reflecting about your psychological and spiritual health is where am I going to? This relates to the aspirations you have for your immediate and far future. By understanding what you wish to achieve in life and the person you wish to be, you will understand your psychological and spiritual health. At least it is the first step to knowing yourself spiritually and psychologically. Self discovery coaching will inform you about the real you and the virtual part of yourself. The real part of you constitutes your spirituality, something that you can learn about in online life coaching.


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