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Posted by on April 15, 2019

The unfortunate has happened: your car has been stolen?


While it in itself is a shock to the system, given how much you spend on your vehicle and how it is one of your prized possessions, the add on worry that appends to that is having to recover it.


It is a highly troublesome and gruesome process, and may or may not lead to the outcome that you desire. However, the process can be made drastically simple and can yield a more positive outcome if your vehicle has a GPS tracking system installed. So if you fall prey to carjacking, you are still in with a positive chance of recovering your possession. The vehicle tracking system in your car can help you get the exact location of your vehicle in real-time. Along with that, it also entails a host of features that can help you stay steps ahead from the thief.

Now the question that begs to be answered is, how exactly can a GPS vehicle tracker help me
with my car being stolen?

The simple answer is, it helps you stay abreast with your vehicle’s location at all times, provided it is not a plug-in device that can be easily removed. In case it is, even then you can have a fair idea about where the last location was tabulated by the device before it was taken out. Moreover, when your car has a vehicle tracking device installed, it can send tampering alerts when your vehicle is being broken into forcefully, or even when someone tries to interfere with your tracking device. So you will be notified instantly when this happens.

gps-working-for stolen-car

Along with that, it provides you with the ability to manage ignition on/off status of your vehicle, so that your car would never start without your consent. In case you have your car parked in a dubious parking space, you can exercise remote locking and unlocking which can deter the thief. Your vehicle tracking system service providers can give you the exact coordinates of your vehicle, which you can pass on to the concerned authorities which can expedite the recovery process.

Why you should invest in a tracking device?

It is best to invest in a tracking device that is hidden and its location is known only to the owner of the vehicle. In this way, the thief may never know that you are aware of the theft. Secondly, it is important to choose wisely the kind of vehicle tracking system you deploy within your vehicle. The type that you end up with has a huge role to play in the recovery process. If you have invested in a passive GPS tracking device, it might not be entirely useful if your vehicle gets stolen.

This is so because while it records the position, it is not made available on any server, and is accessible only when you plug it in your computer. In such cases, an active GPS tracking device is a better bet, since it keeps sending the updated location of your car to the provider’s servers, which are then reflected on your own personalised dashboard.


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