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Posted by on January 12, 2019

Purity Tests have existed for a long time, initially appearing as composed arrangements of inquiries. With the coming of the Net, it ended up well known to circulate them by electronic methods. Some were changed to be projects or shell contents which would make every inquiry thus, and do the computations for you when you were finished. In 1989, Eric Lechner composed a program that would do a similar thing utilizing information records that depicted distinctive purity tests. He changed over different purity tests to this arrangement and made the bundle accessible. Here’s the manual page that portrays History of Rice Purity Test.

Do it Now –¬†Take the Rice Purity¬†Test: How pure are you?

In June 1994 I at long last completed a fireworks purity test that I had started taking a shot at amid a similar period in which Eric composed his program, and chose to make an HTML adaptation of it. I wound up composing a program to change over purity test information documents in the Lechner organize into HTML shapes, and another program that the yield of the first can be sent to furnish the individual stepping through the exam with a score, therefore making the main purity tests on the web.


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