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Microsoft: Hotmail has preferable spam assurance over Gmail

In January, Microsoft disclosed to Gmail clients how to change over their record to Microsoft’s Hotmail. Today, Microsoft propelled another volley in Google’s fight with Gmail. In another post on the Windows Live blog, Microsoft says its own particular research, joined with an outsider research, demonstrates that Hotmail gives the […]

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Hotmail sue spammers

The free email benefit has eight spammers sent to court, guaranteeing they have fashioned the “” area in the arrival address on the undesirable mail. Hotmail’s free email benefit today has turned into the most recent of numerous to assault spontaneous business messages, reports have recorded in government court against […]

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How to access e-mail on Android

Accessing your e-mail account on your Android device is easy. We will show you two ways of doing that. There are two ways to check your e-mail account on Android. One way is to point your Android browser to Once you log in, the Web page automatically […]

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