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What Are Industrial Cleaning Services

Janitorial services can entail a broad range of services; industrial cleaning services are just one aspect offered by a janitorial services company which may specialize on mixed-use commercial spaces like a fabrication or construction area or manufacturing spaces. Similarly, a facility cleaning company is a branch of industrial cleaning that specializes mainly in cleaning big industrial plants and facilities like warehouses, industrial plants and big factories. However, the real question is, how does commercial cleaning differ from the regular cleaning we all know? What really makes industrial cleaning special? Or are they actually mean the same thing?


Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning servicesare intended for the thorough everyday cleaning and sometimes housekeeping of a commercial workplace space or property. Commercial spaces usually receive high amounts of foot traffic daily,and thus they need to be cleaned regularly as a significant amount of people step in and step out of commercial establishments every minute. It is therefore important that both the interior and exterior spaces of commercial establishment be cleaned and not just because it improves the overall appearance of the work area, but also because it ensures safety too.

Customers expect to work into a workspace that is clean, tidy and well kept as they are signs of true professionalism and they suggest that the commercial establishment is really out for business. For staff, it is important that they work in a clean and safe environment that promotes deep intellectual thinking and is free of dirt and germs that can cause potential health issues. These are some of the real motives behind hiring a janitorial services company, to ensure that the workspace is clean, tidy and sanitary at all times.


Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning services are quite different from commercial cleaning services in that they cater more to facilities, warehouses, manufacturing plants and general industrial areas that may be exposed to different kinds of dirt and may require a whole different cleaning approach. Usually, a facility cleaning company are the ideal fit for industrial cleaning services. Industrial cleaning services entail a safety-first focus, confidentiality/security clearance (if and when needed) and cross-contamination prevention. In addition, certain cleaning methods and approaches are required for industrial cleaning as chemicals and a combination of other substances or contaminants may need to be cleaned and they often require more advanced methods and tools to safely clean and dispose of.

Therefore, industrial cleaning requires a good level of trustworthiness, experience and sophistication. Industrial cleaning can entail but is not limited to any of the services listed below;

  • Dusting
  • Trash Removal
  • Window/Glass cleaning
  • Facility maintenance/management
  • Floor care services
  • Restroom Sanitation
  • Power cleaning
  • Daily porter services
  • Construction waste and debris removal
  • Sanitation of surfaces such as shelves, desk, etc.
  • Warehouse cleaning


Differences Between Commercial Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning Services

The major difference lies in the kind of service that both cleaning services cater too. While they may appear to offer the same kind of service, commercial cleaning companies are usually the ones to decide if they are well suited to clean an industrial space or not. Similarly, janitorial services company are the perfect choice for commercial cleaning. On the other hand, Industrial cleaning services are carried out by commercial cleaning companies that specifically indicate industrial cleaning as their preferred niche; this is mostly due to the fact that they have the manpower, tools and expertise to carry out cleaning on an industrial scale. Most facility cleaning companies are mainly specialized in industrial cleaning and related facilities. However, it is crucial that you lookout for specific requirements before settling for any kind of commercial cleaning company.


Why You Should Hire Facility Cleaning Services

You stand to benefit more when you outsource your industrial or commercial cleaning and housekeeping to a facility or commercial cleaning company. Below are some reasons why you should consider hiring a professional facility cleaning service;


Appearance: Impression matters a lot,and the first one is said to be the most important of all. Be it a first-time client, vendors, visitors or a member of staff, the appearance and hygiene of your workspace speaks volume about your business. Unsanitary conditions, dirt, debris and other signs of an unkempt workspace can be a huge turnoff to potential clients and customers.


Health: Germs, debris, stagnant water, rusts and the likes can all lead to potential health issues,and they can constitute a hazard to those who work in or regularly visit your workspace. A clean and sanitized workspace will ensure that there are fewer cases of respiratory, flu and headache-related complaints and ailments which can ultimately lead to less sick days and improved productivity.


Well-being: Research has revealed that workers in a clean, hygienic and safe work environment are happier and more motivated to work. If an organization makes housekeeping duties an integral part of its values, workers will fall in line and this, in turn, can lead to a more productive work environment.


Staff Priorities: Even though keeping ones workspace neat and orderly is a collective duty of all the employees in the workplace, chances are none of them are either trained or mandated to go beyond basic organizing of these areas. As those who focus on specific tasks know, the more precise ajob description or task is, the more thorough it would be carried out and the better the end result. Therefore, allowing your employees focus on facing their business-related tasks will yield just as much positive result as allowing a janitorial services company focus on keeping the workplace clean and tidy at all times.

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