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Posted by on April 6, 2019

Today, turning to overmolding is being done by many manufacturers. Value is added to the product line of these manufacturers when overmolding is applied which is why it is important to them. Overmolding improves the functionality, performance, and also aesthetics. In addition to that, overmolding lower the total production costs of their products these days. Overmolding involves two processes and they are one-shot and two-shot processes. Overmolding is a process that bonds a thin layer of thermoplastic elastomer to the substrate of products.

When overmolding is done on products, it creates an exterior layer. You will see many products that have a soft touch grip which is as a result of the exterior layer that is created after overmolding. Overmolding can be done to several products such as toothbrushes and even modems. Overmolding offer many benefits to products apart from improving their quality. Other benefits that overmolding offer to products are like shock and vibration reduction dampens sound, provision of electrical insulation, increased chemical resistance and also a barrier to oxygen and moisture.

2 shot overmolding is a process where one material is injection molded over the previous injection molded substrate. 2 shot overmolding is mostly done on electronics such as modems. A more durable engineering thermoplastic is used when the overmolding is being applied to such products. Chemical resistance, bio-compatibility and also superior abrasion are some of the things that are added on electronics when they undergo the process of overmolding. When 2 shot injection molding process is applied on products, it combines the benefits of low pressure molding with conventional injection molding. Low pressure is the one will be started with when this process is being used to form a premolded device.

Safely encapsulated is one of the benefits that is enjoyed when products are premolded. You can then use a high pressure injection process after that process. The electronics will be sealed and protected with a rugged thermoplastic outer later when this process is applied. Electronics are some of the products that enjoy many benefits of 2 shot overmolding. Solvent resistance and biocompatible overmolding materials that should be rated by FDA are examples of other stuff that are needed by several medical and consumer electronic applications. Such electronics are manufactured by manufacturers who use a 2 shot approach.

Overmolding process is applied on electronics to offer protection. The overmold is then finished with materials that need customers. The importance of first low pressure molding shots is enjoyed by manufacturers because it helps them confirm their gating location. It is also important because it prevents things such as trapped air and unsightly flow fronts. The first low pressure molding shot is also applied to electronics such as batteries because it improves heat and pressure distribution.

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