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Posted by on June 28, 2018


In planning for the good travel is make sure that you are buying from the reliable businesses that you know and you can trust.  As much as possible, get the best advice or recommendations like family and friends about the companies. You can try to search online to see what they look like and what the people are commenting or saying about their prices and service offered.




You can also call in order to verify the arrangements or your reservations. Get the details at about the luxury hotels or five-star resorts that they promised including those what the other travelers have to say about them and their service. Some of the companies will market below – average accommodation for the vacations.  If ever you have the name, phone numbers, of the airline, address, and the car rental companies, as well as the hotel you are staying, then you need to confirm the arrangement for yourself.  IF ever you cannot get a person from the travel company to answer your call, then try considering other travel business to others.




Try to get a copy of the refund policies and cancellation conditions right before you make your payment for the trip and ask if ever they have travel cancellation insurance. Make sur that the product you are being sold have a licensed  insurance policy. There are association that maintains the list of the licensed travel insurance companies you can approach.  See more details at this website about travel.




Also, pay using your credit card. It will give you a great protection than you paying for check or cash. IF you do not get what you had paid for then you may be able to dispute the charges with that of the credit card company. But, do not give your account number of course to any business until you had verified their reputation and credibility.



Finally, try making use of the travel application in your phone. The travel app can help you to be able to search for the low-cost airfares and hotel rates, and get the latest alerts and deals. You can also manage your itinerary with the help of the travel app. Just make sure you determine those offers that is scam and not. There are more scammers now that will lure you to use their services but at the end will not provide you what had been posted online. Make sure also that you that the company or the travel tour is already famous and had made their name to the public.


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