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Posted by on January 22, 2019

Like they say the wetter the better. When having sex, the wetter your partner is the more enjoyable the sex is. If you are just using a toy water lubricant is good because it does not make that much of a mess and it absorbs in your skin. Some lubes can become thick and clump but, you do not have to worry about that with water lubricants.

Oral Sex

Oral sex can be exciting but it is even more exciting when you use water-based lubricant because it can come in different flavors. They can come in vanilla, mint, strawberry, or chocolate. This lubricant can create and enhance sensation during sexual play. This can make the experience a lot more pleasant for both the giver and receiver.


If you are not in a committed relationship you should always use a condom. It is safe to use some kind of lubricant because this can prevent a tear or slip in the condom due to increased friction. For those who enjoy anal sex, it can be very uncomfortable if there is no lubricant. Not using lubricant for anal sex can cause a tear and rip towards the lining of the rectum. Before you start having sex, you want to make sure that are you are having safe sex because it will prevent a lot of unwanted problems.

All Purpose

Water lubricants serve for all purposes rather it is for masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal sex. They are common use especially since they are safe for sex toys. Water lubricants are better than oil lubricants because they do not cause damage to the condom. For the ladies that are pregnant and still want to have an enjoyable sex life, water lubricant will not cause any harm to the baby. Water lubricant can be used for any sexual activity that you may have.

For the sexually active people out there if you are looking for a good lubricant use water-based. There are also options for woo lubricant that has coconut oil. Check out woomoreplay for more information and options for choosing the best lubricant.

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