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Posted by on April 24, 2019

Ipe is a type of hardwood whose origin is South America. It is an exotic type of wood that makes for great material when designing different structures. This wood is strong, hard, does not rot, or get affected by the weather, abrasion or insects.

A major advantage of this wood is its density and hardness. It is seen to be two times denser than other dense woods, and five times harder than them. It shall, therefore, last for long and not lose its color. This is why it is such great material for decking. You can imagine having a great looking deck fully functional for over four decades before you can think of renovating it. This adds another advantage to this wood, that of sustainability. You will not need to harvest it frequently to meet tour decking needs. To understand more about decking, view here!

This wood is also environmentally friendly. It is a renewable natural resource that needs thirty years to mature. By which time, the one in use will still be fresh. Add on that its aesthetic appeal. You shall find this wood in several color ranges, from light to darker shades of brown. This makes it a beautiful choice for not suit your decking needs, but any other timber designs. You will appreciate its smooth texture and uniform design.

This wood also comes at an affordable price. You, therefore, do not have to resort to plastic decking, thinking this option is too expensive for you. You will then appreciate its fire resistance, as well as its ability to resist attacks from termites.

The density of ipe makes it even more desirable when you consider the fact that it has been given the same fire resistance rating as steel and concrete in most parts. It shall, therefore, help with the fire safety rating of your building when you use in on areas such as the deck. See this page for more information.

This is, therefore, the more economical option for you to go for. Considering its relatively affordable price and its longevity and aesthetic appeal, you will save yourself so much repair and renovation work on it, unlike other wood choices.

You will get a chance to showcase something exotic in our residence. This adds to the overall appeal and value of the house. Should you decide to ever sell, it is such factors that will net you a decent return on the investment.

You, therefore, have your choice in a decking material made. There is no other wood that shall deliver on all areas as ipe will. For more information, click on this link:


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