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Posted by on October 25, 2018

Most people can attest to the fact that jewelry has always been and is still popular among most people today while the contemporary craze for designer jewelry, on the other hand, shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Anyone that operating in the designer jewelry sector makes vast profits as long as they serve the customers’ needs satisfactorily bearing in mind that the pieces keep becoming more and more popular with each passing day. The buyers of the jewelry, on the other hand, have to part with considerable cash to get quality items in the market which explains why they have to put in place special measures to enable them to get the items at discounts as seen below.

Discounts on discontinued designs

It is a popular way of getting the designer jewelry at affordable rates. The seller scouts for the discontinued pieces at wholesale prices and it is a long -drawn process. It is, however, difficult to find such suppliers and only the persistent sellers end up getting attractive discounts on the discontinued designer jewelry which they end up transferring to the buyers since they still make considerable profits after setting the marked prices. The buyer, therefore, gets the pieces jewelry at lower and affordable rates in the long run.

Discounts on irregular designs

The store owners scout the market for wholesale pieces that have minuscule irregularities that are perceptible only to the trained eyes. Since the indiscretions do not affect the design, appeal or attractiveness of the jewelry, the seller still sells them to the buyers but at lower prices and after letting the client know about the irregularity to maintain their loyalty, trust, and credibility. The best thing is that the mishap does not affect the use of the piece of jewelry in any manner including the fit.

Discounts on last season’s design

The sellers get the pieces from the wholesalers at the regular prices. Due to poor quotation and forecasting, they do not sell all the pieces due to lower demand. They remain in stock until another design takes over. The seller then has to give off at relatively lower prices to the buyers since they are out of fashion and whoever was not able to get it at the time can comfortably grab it then. It is common to see dealers putting discounts on the designer pieces of jewelry that do not represent the current and latest fashion, and one can take advantage and buy such at lower prices.

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