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Posted by on September 5, 2018

Despite the ever changing technology, the need for postal services remains a very important part of any business and thus the need for postage meter equipment remains steady. As a business owner, constant communication with your existing and potential clients is paramount


As your business so does the amount of mail that you send out which in turn mean the reliance on postal services and the cost of sending out the mail also goes up. There. This will mean that you will require postage meter.


Postage meter is simply a machine that weighs and applies postage signs on your outgoing mail. Its use and ownership is controlled by the law and the postage regulator of wherever your business is based.


The postage meter has been around since the 1880’s. It was introduced to curb the theft of adhesive postage stamps and also enable timey processing of mail.

Just like all machines the postage meter has come of age from one that users had to carry with them to the post office to top up to some digital ones that you can use your credit card to charge from the comfort of your office or home. Read Postage Meter Review here!


There are several types of postage meters some of which have been discontinued for example the mechanical manual and rotary print head meter, which was decertified in 1992 by the United States Postal Service. Others are the Internet-and stamp base meters and the digital metes. To know more about freights, visit this website at


Your business can reap several benefits from a postage machine.


Prior to the creation of postage meters, a lot of tie and manpower was spent on manually stamping letters and packages that required to be sent out, this was time consuming and expensive. If you invest in postage machine, your business will be saved a lot of time and this will translate to more money for your business.

The fact that a postage meter works as a standalone unit means that you use less money on equipment because using a pc means you will require to invest in a digital scale and also a printer. Some postage meters will also seal your mail


If your business uses the online postage, this means an internet connection is a must have, It also entails   printing your own stamps and shipping labels and also having separate scale to weigh parcels. On the other hand, a postage meter comes with an inbuilt scale that weighs your parcels and packages and applies postage quickly and efficiently. It has the added benefit of 1% discount on most first class letters.


If you need to invest in Pitney Bowes Postage Meter machine, there are sites that give you details and comparisons that will help you pick the machine that will work best for your business. Visit them today for further details.


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