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Posted by on June 1, 2018

Like most iPhone proprietors and iPod contact with even a social pattern, you can have a morning schedule. You can open Mail to access through your work email and individual messages, at that point check the notices and messages straightforwardly in your most loved Twitter application, at that point answer to the posts on the divider and up. notices on Facebook. Twezr needs to help enhance your propensities.

Twezr is fundamentally a social, incorporated letter drop that enables you to peruse and answer to messages from both email and web-based social networking administrations in a single place. It underpins email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, and in addition numerous Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Yet, Twezr goes above and beyond and organizes your contacts in light of how frequently you interface with them, similar to Gmail’s new Priority Inbox, however for Twitter and Facebook, not simply email. It matches contacts from your gadget’s address book with their Twitter and Facebook records to make brought together contacts, enabling you to pick the administration that you use to react. Along these lines, you can get to messages and substance that issues most to you while staying aware of everything else.

You can likewise run full-content hunt by means of email, Twitter and Facebook, which can make Twezr a customized Google of your social exercises, claimed by you and your organization. hold.

Twezr is accessible for nothing in the App Store, requires an iPhone or iPod contact running iOS 3.0 or later.

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