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Amazon Store Pro Reviews: Is this website selling used home products?

Reviews from Amazon Store Pro:

Do you plan to buy anything from Amazon Shop Pro? Beware! There is no official Amazon Warehouse website called Amazon Store Pro, which can be accessed at Find out why I do not suggest making purchases from the website by reading this in-depth evaluation. Customers who placed orders but never received them or received items that were damaged have complained a lot about the website, which has been accused of selling counterfeit goods. It is encouraged to always purchase products from reputable independent merchants or the official Amazon store.

Describe Amazon Store Pro.

It is an online business that offers a wide range of products at incredibly low costs, including kitchenware, pet supplies, egg shell openers, and other things. affordable costs. Amazon Store Pro, regrettably, is just another online purchasing fraud. In doing my investigation, I came across the following problems: It is owned by a shady corporation with a slew of negative web reviews.

The website’s trustworthy seals are fakes and not from reliable organisations. In March 2023, Amazon Shop Pro registered. You are aware of what this entails. It’s just been running for a few weeks, so it’s obviously dangerous. There isn’t a connection to an active social media profile. You ought to think about calling off the expedition right now! Nonetheless, keep reading if you’re still interested in making a purchase from this shop.

Further Disadvantages of Buying at the Amazon Store Pro

The business has a negative reputation.

LANDBASE TRADING CO., LTD, an online retailer with a poor reputation, owns and runs Amazon Store Pro. It specialises in a “bait and switch” sort of con. The business uses pictures of non-their products to market cheap, subpar imitations. Observe how it functions. Low pricing or promotional coupons are used to lure customers. Failed to provide tracking information or a confirmation email. fails to deliver the ordered goods or provides a subpar replacement. denies refunds or returns. Many of the company’s items, notably the “Bra” obsidian bracelet, were unpopular with customers.

Shipment and delivery delays

Notwithstanding the address, Amazon Shop Pro is not based in England. The corporation ‘Fadel-Beatty’ is really based in China. To win over customers, it employs a false company address. After purchasing, they learn that the shipment is coming from China. This indicates that it will take weeks or months for shipment and delivery. This deceptive strategy may make customers unhappy and cause them to lose faith in the business. Before making a purchase, consumers should conduct in-depth research on the firm to prevent being duped by untrue information.

Mediocre client service

Five days after sending an email to the Amazon Store Pro email account, I still had not heard back. Even the website’s live assistance feature is inoperable. This demonstrates unequivocally that the shop owner’s intentions aren’t sincere. When customer service representatives are slow to respond, it is upsetting for the consumers and might damage their faith in the business. In order to keep a good reputation and attract repeat business, it is critical for businesses to place a high priority on providing excellent customer service.

Absurdly low discount

Products at prices that seem too good to be true are promoted on the Amazon shop. Even during a sale, the discount margin is excessive and unreasonable. Simply put, this shop uses its low prices to entice customers. In fact, no trustworthy retailer can provide such a discount. Customers should exercise caution when buying products from businesses that promise such outrageous discounts since they can wind up with fake or subpar goods. Before making a purchase, it is usually important to do some research on the site and read reviews to prevent fraud.

Absence of Security Measures

Because it is not secured by McAfee or Norton, the website is not risk-free. Hackers may get access to users’ financial and personal information through the website. It is crucial to exercise caution while making purchases on this website, and you may want to think about using PayPal or a virtual credit card for additional security. Customers should also keep a frequent eye out for any illegal charges on their bank accounts.


A popular online store called Amazonstorepro, which can be found at Amazon Store Pro, is a scam that lures people in with low-cost goods. Don’t fall for the discount offer’s deception! As a result of the store failing our authenticity test, we do not suggest it. It is important to be cautious of online stores that offer too-good-to-be-true discounts and always do your research before making a purchase. Additionally, reading reviews from other customers can also help you determine the legitimacy of an online store.

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