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Backscape Reviews: Should You Trust This Product?

What exactly is a Bakscape Back Shaver?

This is a distinctively built back shaver. the revolving shaving head design, making it the first back shaver to do so. where the shaving head has six revolving blades that can adapt to various angles while cutting hair. This electric shaver is rechargeable and features a 90-minute runtime Lithium-Ion battery. The Bakscape Back Shaver has two distinct head attachments, a trimmer head and a shaving head, making it both a back hair trimmer and a shaver. The handle may be folded. Three different kit versions are available for purchase: a starter kit, a deluxe kit, and an advanced kit. I will not be evaluating the other packages based on the Bakscape Back Shaver alone.

What’s Included?

Shaver body, charging cable, shaving head guard, trimming head guard, cleaning brush, head spinner, handle, shaving head, and red waterproof hats with user guide The Bakscape Back Shaver is a cordless gadget that can be charged using the charging connection that is provided. The shaving and trimming heads can also be safeguarded with the red waterproof covers when not in use or when travelling.


Its lithium-ion battery provides a 90-minute runtime after a full charge. This should charge completely in two hours. Its water resistance grade is IPX4 (splash resistant). The handle’s length when unfolded is 17 inches, while its folded length is 8 13/16 inches. Reaching all parts of the back is made possible by the handle’s curvature. At its broadest points, the shaving head is 2 1/16′′ across. Six revolving razors are on the shaving head.

How Effective Is It? Worth Purchasing?

The Bakscape will remove the hair off your back, which is wonderful news. The bad news is that it is not always the most useful. I’ll explain. The Bakscape is a portable device that may not be ideal for those with especially thick or coarse hair since it needs considerable flexibility and patience to operate efficiently. Yet, if you are prepared to put in the work, it may be a great tool for preserving a smooth back.

It takes longer…

Bakscape advises against shaving back hair that is longer. They would advise that you start by using the included trimmer head before switching to the shaving head. Hence, compared to using a standard back shaver, you are already taking twice as long to remove your back hair. Longer hair will be shaved with the shaving head, but it will take longer and potentially clog the head sooner. Good, but the trimming head is quite little.

Its width is 1 3/16 inches. The back’s care will require a lot of time from this alone. Also, you must consider revisiting some locations more than once, which is typical when performing a complete work. Shaving your back will take much longer as a result. To cut down on the time required, you may only use the trimming head to trim the longer back hair in the beginning and then stick to a regular schedule of shaving hair growth and just shaving with the shaver head. basically preventing the hair from growing long.


The shaving head functions nicely, which is wonderful news. Although it is close to flawless, occasionally I had to go over a section more than once to remove every last hair. Yet with practically every back shaver, this is frequently the case. The shaving head performs well in regions of transition. Places like the top of the shoulders, for example. Going around the neck or from the top of the back to the shoulders is really smooth. So you can continue moving the shaver in a continuous way without picking it up.

This was incredibly refreshing and entertaining to me. Another benefit of this back shaver is that I had no skin irritation or nicks. My back felt as though I had done nothing to it afterward, which is another unusual feeling for me because I often get some sort of minor skin irritation. This shaving head design astonished me since, despite my first doubts, it functioned effectively.

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