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Chicsew Reviews:Does it meet your needs for fashion?

Bridesmaid Dresses by ChicSew

My dearest friend asked me to be the maid of honour at her wedding, and I have never been happier. However, I sometimes have trouble finding clothes that fit me well and feel comfortable because I am a larger-than-average female. However, has the solution—with bespoke sizes and premium dresses. Read on to learn more about my try-on evaluation:

Website Design

I was first drawn to Chicsew’s website because of how simple it was to use. More options were available from the brand than I had discovered in any store or on any other website. The website was easy to use and included clear images of the gowns taken at several angles so I could see their actual form and style. The red banner at the top of the website advertised their custom sizing possibilities and a discount code I could use to save even more money, which was a major selling point for me in my quest to locate a dress that suited my size.

The Dresses

When I initially visited the website, I was astounded by the vast selection of bridesmaid dresses offered. Despite visiting several physical businesses and spending hours online, I had never before encountered such a variety of possibilities. On the website, there are over 280 different designs to pick from, and each garment comes in a number of colors. I was given the option to select any colour, but I was instructed that it should be a pastel tint and long style to go with the wedding’s theme. I chose to use Chic Sew’s sample offer to see the colours in person after selecting long terracotta satin bridesmaid dresses, long burnt orange satin bridesmaid dresses, and long burnt orange satin bridesmaid dresses and champagne.

I received cheap swatches of both colours at my door so I could test them out against my skin tone and in various lighting conditions. This service was quite useful in boosting my confidence in my choice because I could actually picture the garment in question. Champagne was my choice since it complemented my skin tone the best. I was aware that the other bridesmaids had opted for an airy chiffon fabric when it came to selecting the style of dress. I supported this decision because the wedding is scheduled for the sweltering summer, and this airy material would keep us cool. I was determined to cover the tops of my arms since this is the area of my body that makes me feel the most insecure. After considerable searching, I at last discovered the ideal dress for my long champagne satin bridesmaid dresses. I took longer than I anticipated to decide because there were so many possibilities.

I adored the airy chiffon sleeves that could conceal my arms and the cross-over waist design that cinched the dress in. The dress cost $139.99, which thrilled me, especially because it came with free custom fitting, which ensured that it would be made to fit me perfectly. I had previously looked everywhere for a bridesmaid dress, and there weren’t many more affordable alternatives. A straightforward and easy-to-follow measuring guide displayed when I selected custom sizing, assisting me in gathering my measurements and entering them onto the website. This procedure was simple to follow and took around 10 minutes.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the colours of our products are appropriately shown on the website. We cannot, however, guarantee that any shade on your screen will be correct because the actual colours you see will vary on your display. For a true representation of hue, we advise examining an actual textile swatch. Typically, we don’t charge for textile samples.

The Shipping

I finished choosing my design and dress colour, gave my measurements, and it was time to select the delivery option. I scheduled the time since I knew it would take a while because the dress was created to order. In order to ensure that it would arrive on time (within 20 days), I chose the expedited delivery option.

When the box arrived on schedule, I was pleasantly surprised because I had heard horror stories about internet orders from other businesses that never showed up. I was quite happy with the delivery time, as the shipping period was much quicker. I had previously purchased from other online dress merchants, where the gowns were made to measure. Additionally, the turnaround time between getting my measurements taken and receiving my dress was actually shorter than at the physical bridal stores I had been to.

The Package

The gown arrived in well-protected packaging that had been carefully covered to prevent damage during transit. When I opened the box and its wrapping, I immediately noted the delicate, high-quality material as well as the lovely sky blue color. I couldn’t wait to put it on since the craftsmanship felt amazing in my hands, with fine stitching and flowy material. The dress was easy to put on and had a back zip that made it easy to slide it on before fastening it.

The dress had a wonderful fit, which is something I don’t frequently encounter, so the custom fitting here really paid off. The cross-over waist pattern was flattering and drew me in in all the right areas, which helped my bigger chest feel supported. The floating cloth also miraculously slid over the regions of my arms that give me the most self-consciousness, starting at my shoulders. Sincerely, I was apprehensive about purchasing a dress online without first seeing it in person, even though the website was great. But as soon as I saw the outfit, all of my worries disappeared. It was not only attractive, but also very well built, comfortable, and easy to move around in. Given the superior quality of the fabric and stitching, I couldn’t think of a better dress.

How long will it take to receive the skirt?

In accordance with the timetable you require and the date of your special day, you have a choice between two delivery choices when purchasing bridesmaid dresses online from the Chicsew website. It takes some time for the dresses to be manufactured once you’ve made your choice, especially if you opted for custom sizing, which is constructed to the precise dimensions that you provide. Before being shipped, the majority of gowns are normally created in 1–3 weeks. If you need your purchase right away, you may expedite it for an extra $30 per dress by choosing the fast order option. Our standard delivery time (production time plus shipping time) for orders placed through Chicsew is around 30 days, and our expedited order delivery time (production time plus shipping time), depending on when you place your order, is 20 days or less.

Rush orders can be delivered in 20 days for customers who need their products sooner. You’ll discover that these delivery times, especially for custom sizes, are remarkable when compared to those of other online retailers. Even if you bought gowns from traditional, physical bridal businesses, it is quite doubtful that you would receive the things sooner. Additionally, Chicsew provides a delivery promise that states that if the dress is delayed, you can keep it and get 20% of your money back or return the dress for a full refund if it is no longer needed. When compared to other online bridal party dress businesses, this is unusual. As with any other garment, we suggest buying your bridesmaid gowns well in advance to ensure on-time delivery and allow for any adjustments you might need.

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