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David Outwear Reviews: Is It Suitable For You?

There are probably several men’s companies in existence today, the majority of which offer knockoffs that are frequently disposable items. However, after perusing David Outwears’ wide selection, I was blown away by their selection of unique outerwear jackets and coats. In addition, almost all of their leather coats are made from PU (Polyurethane), a vegan-friendly material that may be used in place of leather and is hardly noticeable. My first impression after opening the package was that the PU leather had a smooth, almost silky quality to it. The design is a fusion of traditional, timeless, and contemporary elements. The jacket has two flap pockets on either side, a zippered pocket on the left sleeve, and a conventional zipper closure.

The idea of a hooded leather jacket has always appealed to me, and David Outwear executes it flawlessly (often, brands have flaws with a hood addition to outerwear, where it fails to sit correctly, both worn and unworn). Additionally, the colouring is that ideal shade of medium brown, which goes with everything and will stand out especially during the Autumn season! In conclusion, the Marziano Jacket is a perfect addition to any man’s collection in terms of style.

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