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Nish Hair Reviews: Is this website selling the best women’s hair extensions?

About Us

Nish Hair is the first online retailer of hair extensions in India. Nish Hair offers the best clip-in hair extensions and the quickest delivery times in India and throughout the world. becoming the first to comprehend women’s hair needs as they search in the comfort of their homes for a simple yet rapid remedy. When it comes to their hair volume or hair loss, we have been there to help our consumers at every stage. Hair Niches Your Way

One goal guided the creation of Nish Hair:

Finding the ideal name is a challenge that never gets easier. But I always knew that I wanted my brand to represent both who I am and my passion for hair. It is not only something I own; it also forms a crucial part of who I am. The majority of people know me as Parul, but to those who know me best, I go by Nishu, a lovingly bestowed name by my mother on me. Hence, it came as no surprise when she proposed that I give my company the name Nish. At that time, I was aware that Starting something on my own wasn’t simple. Particularly in a category that was either seen as merely a fashion item or was only discussed in whispers to avoid garnering attention.

I can still remember how difficult it was for me to raise awareness of how “normal” wearing hair extensions might be. The majority either dismissed the concept out of hand in distaste or considered them a taboo subject similar to wigs. But as soon as I put on my first set of extensions, I knew I liked them and could immediately see how they had the power to benefit countless numbers of people. For me, wearing hair extensions was one of the simplest ways to share happiness, boost self-esteem, and celebrate independence. I take great joy in wearing mine, and I want everyone else to feel the same way.

Hair Extensions by Nish

The Nish Hair portfolio has evolved to include everything related to hair, but our line of top-notch human hair extensions continues to be the brand’s heart and soul. Each extension is hand-selected, perfectly sewn, and made entirely of human hair. We firmly believe in acting with honesty, decency, and quality in whatever we do, making sure that every step of the process—from sourcing to production—is carried out in a hygienic, secure, and morally sound way. We have painstakingly designed each stage to guarantee that the extensions you receive are of the highest quality, are soft, and are incredibly durable, since we are enthusiastic about hair and understand the confidence it can give.

The Nish Hair Team’s development

90% of our team members are female, and we are a brand created for women by women. We appreciate open minds, courage, compassion, and a belief in the unbounded potential of everyone. We also cultivate a culture of inclusion and respect, reward effort, and value these traits. What started as a vision of just one person and a team of two—Parul and her mother hand-sewing each piece of hair extension—has developed into a high-performing and dynamic family. Our core team operates out of a compact yet comfortable office and production facility in Mumbai, where style and innovation are constantly in the spotlight. There is always work to be done, and what we enjoy most about it is that we do it well.

Our essential soul is our consumer base.

We are committed to providing only the finest in everything. We’ve compiled a tonne of styling videos and hair care tips in addition to 100% human hair extensions in a variety of styles, textures, and sizes, plus a selection of high-end hair accessories, so you may choose the hair of your dreams with no hesitation. If you’re looking for the highest-quality hair extensions, come to us!

We offer everything, whether you want a wig, a hair topper, hair extensions, a colourful strand, or clip-in bangs! We provide you with all the guidance you could need and will have it delivered right to your home, just like your own personal expert. Due to the dedication of the young ladies on our team, we are expanding and prospering. We are ardent proponents of gender parity. As a small business run by a woman, we value tolerance, bravery, compassion, and faith in the potential of others. What We Do

Nish Hair:

NishHair, an ethical, upscale, and top-notch hair extension brand, was created as a result of our decision to approach things differently. Each item in our line of hair extensions is lovingly created from 100 percent real human hair. You may like the process of getting hair extensions and feel a much-needed confidence boost as a result. At NishHair, we always strive to make it better. We respect decency, originality, and trustworthiness.

For all of our products, we only use the finest human hair, and we do it in the most effective method. We hold ourselves to that standard and won’t accept anything less. We obsess over every strand, handpicking each bundle of hair to make sure it’s of the most excellent quality and consistency.


We have a wide selection of trademarked hair products and hair extensions. Simply let us know what you require, and we will provide it. We constantly go above and beyond to make sure you don’t have to worry.

The Nish Hair Code

Our professionalism is upheld. We are committed to upholding the community’s values by using hair that has only been obtained responsibly. To give you perfection and unmatched customer service, our whole staff was meticulously selected.

We are here for you at all times.

It is always an honour for our staff to help. Any concerns you may have, we like clearing things up and working with you to make memories that are as lovely, vibrant, and special as you are.


The quickest, safest, and easiest method to achieve thick, voluminous hair in the colour of your choice in a matter of seconds is with clip-in hair extensions. The wefts of clip-in hair extensions have connected clips.

This suggests that you may remove the wefts and then clip them back into your hair without any further costs, work, or assistance from a professional. For people with hair thinning, balding problems, or who just want to gain voluminous and longer hair almost instantaneously without the trouble of a long-term commitment or breaking the bank, clip-in hair extensions are a fantastic alternative.

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