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Soft Serve Clothing Reviews – Who Owns This Brand?

What is Soft Serve Clothing?

Soft Serve Clothing was born out of a quest to create the softest clothing we could make. We have a passion for all things soft, cuddly, and overall cloud-like. Once we created our proprietary blend of Cloud Cotton we wanted to share it with the world.

All of our products are ethically produced in sweat shop-free manufacturing environments. We also source our raw materials in a sustainable fashion that is eco-friendly and free from any harsh chemicals. All Cloud Cotton products are sustainably made from post consumer water bottles and organic cotton.

Specifications of Soft Serve CLothing:

Address: The physical address is not available as they operate online.
Contact: The contact number is not provided.
Category: Website selling Unisex Hoodies.
Return Policy: The website contains a 30 days return policy.
Refund Policy: The amount will be refunded if it’s canceled within 24 hours of purchase.
Newsletter Service: Available
Social Media Presence: Available on all famous and reliable platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Why the Soft Serve Cloud Cotton hoodie?

1. Sustainable Materials: Cloud Cotton is made from post-consumer recycled water bottles and 100% organic cotton.
2. A hoodie for everyone: We designed this hoodie with everyone in mind. The unisex sizing and modern drop shoulder cut give the hoodie a perfect blend of style and comfort.
3. Fast Shipping: All in-stock items ship directly from our warehouse in San Diego, CA within 1-2 business days.
4. Tag-Less Hoodie: For ultimate coziness, our Cloud Cotton™ Hoodie 2.0 no longer has an inside tag. We also included a tear-away care label for 100% comfort.

Soft Serve Clothing Reviews

Jan R. Says: I spoiled myself with new pajamas and stayed home all day in them. It was a perfect day.

Another verified customer Rochelle K. says: I have 7 items from your company and have ordered as a gift also. Great quality! Also, your customer service is top quality. I had an issue with an order I placed as a gift back in December and it was resolved to my satisfaction. Thank you!

PS, I would love to see the hooded T-shirt come back.

Is Soft Serve Clothing Worth It?

Based on the customer satisfaction index, their overall terms of service, and customer support system, the brands seem to be quite promising. They know what they are doing and how they are doing it.

They have great reviews on their Facebook page and Website but third-party websites have negative things to say about the brand.

Despite the fact that the designs look appealing and the pictures make you feel like this is a must-have item, ask the brand about concerns that you have. Talk to people who have purchased before as mixed reviews are to be seen all over the internet.

Who owns Soft Serve Clothing Company?

Unfortunately, we were unable to find the company’s owner’s name. It is not listed on their website nor does any third-party website has any information regarding it.

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