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Zorpads Reviews:(Updated 2023)

Who is Zorpads for?

A lot of individuals find dirty shoes or shoes that smell significantly after being worn all day bothersome. These folks seek a solution that will let them wear shoes without worrying about them smelling, as they don’t want that. Zorpades come into play in this situation. They make sure your shoes are no longer musty. By preventing perspiration from building up in the shoes, the moisture-wicking substance makes sure you have a lovely, clean shoe at the end of the day. Anyone looking for an answer to the smell emanating from their shoes might try Zorpads. It works in a number of circumstances. It is the best solution on the market and quite successful at making sure that your shoes don’t leave any unpleasant odours behind. You should obtain this product and try it out on your shoes if you are concerned about shoe odour.

Are there any alternatives?

There are several solutions on the market that promise to lessen shoe odours, but none of them guarantee total odour elimination. Zorpads excels in this area above all other solutions since it entirely removes shoe odours and makes sure you never have to worry about stinky shoes again. The item delivers on its promise to eliminate odour-producing shoes from your collection.

Moccasins to Moon Boots

Zorpads may be used in any shoe, anytime, anywhere. There will be no trimming, chopping, or bunching. For casual shoes, tuck them beneath the arch, in the toe box for sports shoes, or under the tongue if you have low arches. Whatever you need, Zorpa, we’re here for you. With Zorpad’s specially designed technology, you no longer have to worry about using the wrong size or shape.

like a vacuum cleaner from another planet.

For 60 wears, Zorpades absorb odor. You may boldly pull off those worn-out Toms and swagger with pride. The revolutionary Zorpa fabric freshener ensures that no matter the state of your shoes, you will always look and feel your best.


There are several methods for wearing zorpades. We advise using the underside of the tongue or the underside of the top of the shoe if you are having trouble keeping the Zorpads adhered to the insole of the shoe. This is especially effective for people with low arches and for use in sporty settings. And about that, too, we posted a blog entry! Check it out by clicking here. Please feel free to email us at if you are experiencing fit problems, and we would be happy to provide you with a replacement pair!


In certain cases, the odour of worn-out shoes literally emanates from the outside of the shoe via all the surfaces! Zorpads eliminate the odour from within the shoe. Even if your shoes are really worn out and stinky, we can still help! To destroy the germs, just use rubbing alcohol (vodka also works!) to clean the inside and outside surfaces. This keeps you smelling nice and provides the Zorpads with a better starting place!


There is no natural rubber latex in Zorpads. However, when dried, they do contain a little bit of natural rubber. This is what our source has to say: “Natural rubber that has been combined with additional substances or solvents and then heated to a high temperature is referred to as [dried natural rubber]. Some of the proteins could still be present in the item and induce an allergic reaction, especially in people who are extremely sensitive to [natural rubber latex].”

How does it work?

It is only reasonable to have doubts regarding whether or not a new product on the market will genuinely operate and fulfil its intended purpose when one wants to purchase it. To find out what makes them distinct from one another and what makes them stand out from comparable items, you could even compare them. As a result, sites like this one exist to assist you with your research and review analysis. Due to their distinct mode of action in removing odours from one’s shoes and the cutting-edge kind of material used in their production, Zorpads are now awaiting patent approval. Its use of three unique layers combined into one that functions as a single odour-destroying process is what makes it so unusual and effective.

The first layer eliminates the physical element that first caused the bad odour by absorbing all the extra moisture present in your shoes. Following the first layer, there is a second layer that contains the major odour-absorbing carbon layer that is in charge of actually absorbing the unpleasant odour. Due to the porous structure of this layer, the surface area for absorbing the scent is several times greater than the apparent surface area of the pad. This makes it possible to use less space while still accomplishing the same task by using a smaller insert.

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