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Posted by on November 23, 2020

Avast is known as one of the most renowned brands among all the internet security industry as it offers many free and paid software for security. Avast antivirus applications detect almost 100% malware in your system. It detects malicious programs and prevents them from entering your devices. But sometimes, Avast Popups and Avast notifications appear on your screens which seems to be very frustrating thing. You must know about Avast pop up blocker tools that will help you to block such annoying notifications.

How can I disable Sound Notification of Avast Popups?

Every time when Avast popup appears on your computer screen, it distracts you until you close that popup. There are many types of pop-ups that Avast application display. You can disable all the popups or even choose some specific ones to be eliminated from your account. Follow the steps given below to disable Avast’s sound notification:

·         Right-click on the Avast icon to open it and choose Avast user interface from all the options.

·         Now, click on the “Menu” and then navigate to “Settings”

·         Then click on Notifications under the General category.

·         Uncheck the option indicating as “enable Avast sound”.

You can also enable the do-not-disturb service to stop Avast Popups from appearing on your screen. This method will disable all the pop-ups of the Avast. Along with all this, you must know how to cancel Avast subscription on PC to disable all messages, pop-ups, and all other notifications.

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