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Posted by on April 24, 2018

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To ensure effective time management and task performance, most contemporary companies and service providers have set in place the single sign-on popularly known as the SSO systems on their premises. The systems once logged in grant the user’s access to multiple applications without having to log in over and over again which takes so much time that would have been used in the accomplishment of other important tasks. To learn more about Identity management, click here. Due to the emergence of several other new issues such as insecurity, telecommuting and user mobility, the SSO is slowly losing its relevance and the identity and access management is the ideal solution. Discussed below are some of the benefits that come with the incorporating and use of the system.
Enhanced user experiences
It is obviously difficult and challenging to keep and use multiple passwords and use them to access different areas of the company systems especially in this era when technology is all over plus employees have to deliver services fast. The SSO allows the employees to log in only once and the individual can access as many applications as they wish to. With such systems in place, there are minimal chances of blocked accounts due to use of wrong passwords, failure to beat deadlines which may result from failed fresh logins among other challenges that existed when automated logins and the SSO were not in existence.
Enhanced and simplified auditing and reporting
Since the systems allow the consolidation and integration with other multiple applications in the company, the IT section on the premises has an ample time accessing and making reports on the data they access. To get more info, click Simeio. The systems also have the ability and capability to show any irregularities that may have been carried out by the employees which in the long run may have corrupted the information. It is therefore essential to incorporate the systems on the premises as they also allow the maximum accuracy of the data collected. The use of the detailed audit trails also allows the software to keep track of any user provisioning and de-provisioning in occurrences of special situations such as terminations and on-boarding.
Easy and enhanced accessibility of the systems and applications
Both the IAM and the SSO allow an integrated and interconnected usage of the systems which is an ideal choice for large companies that have multiple branches across the nation and globe but still have to keep track of all. The systems may also come handy for companies that have special working plans such as telecommuting and flexi times. Learn more from


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