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Posted by on July 13, 2018


A tutor is a person who normally coaches the students or any other people so that they can be able to excel academically or in other areas. They have the knowledge of the subject that they normally teach. They have the ability to deliver contents, just like teachers. Tutors are needed in academics especially in the subjects that are considered to be difficult like the science and mathematics. They are good in showing guidance and direction to their students in these areas until they succeed. We shall see what a good tutor is made up off.


The first thing to consider is the knowledge of the given tutor to the subject of interest. By this we mean the ability of the tutor to deliver the content without much straining. Most people are not able to deliver the contents without straining. They go to great extents in delivering a simple concept. This means that, for you to qualify as a good tutor, ensure that you have a good grasp of mathematics and also playing with numbers. This is very important, the reason being you are able to come up with different approaches in solving the given problem. Watch this video about tutor.


Passion is the key thing that is able to drive the whole teaching and mentoring process. The process of coaching individuals is passion for their success. This is the desire to see people excelling academically through you. Good tutoring companies should never have the jealousy that the students will become better than him. You should always be happy at seeing people doing better things instead of being angry for what they are doing. This is also one of the key qualities that a good teacher should posses. It is quite the truth that, you cannot be able to teach math and science subject if you have not developed an interest in studying and teaching the same subject.


The tutor should be able to maintain good hygiene. The first impression is very important in the whole teaching process. This means that, one on one sat tutoring mostly may do one on one teaching. It can be be a hard thing for a tutor to drive a concept into a person’s head if he cannot be able to use the said learning in keeping a good hygiene.


Ensure that you look for somebody who is able to maintain a good hygiene.


Maintain a high moral ground. This will ensure that a tutor does not engage in unhealthy behaviors with his students like the unwanted sexual behaviors or things that show explicit contents to the students. This is not good since it gradually develops into lack of respect and eventually corrupts the minds of both the student and the tutor.


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