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Posted by on August 21, 2018

MD Sports is a known name in the world of games. They are among the leading manufacturers of outdoor and indoor games. They offer sturdy pool tables for professional game plays and game rooms for home. Here are the top 10 pool tables from MD Sports which you should consider buying.

MD Sports Avondale 90″ Billiard Table

This is a high-quality pool table from MD Sports which comes in an arcade design. The playfield is shielded in rich burgundy color felt. It has built-in drop pockets which add to its style. The legs of the table are huge and feature 5-inch leg levelers along with rubber rings to protect your floor from any scratches. These rubber rings also provide a levelled surface so the play is not disturbed. It also has K-818 bumper guards which work as rail bounce so your balls stay within the table. The table comes with 2 cue sticks 57 inch each, a set of 2 and ¼ inch billiard balls, 2 chalk cubes, I felt brush and 1 billiard ball rack. The price is about $1,100.

MD Sports Crestmont Billiard Table

This is another 96-inch fine table from MD Sports which is meant for the professional players. The quality of the wood is premium and it has a strong leg make to support the heavy and durable table. The full wood look is what makes it different and exquisite from the other pool tables. The fine quality of wood adds to its durability and its beauty. You can also add it to your game room to enjoy a fun weekend in playing pool with your friends and family. The table comes ready with all the accessories.

MD Group Table Game Billiard Set 48-Inches Mini Table Top

For those who are interested to have a pool table in their small home then this is what you need to purchase. This occupies less space because it is a 48-inch table and can fit in any corner of your home. It is also easy for the kids and beginners to play on it. The look is professional and that table is quite durable. It comprises all the equipment which include 2 cues of 36 inch each, a set of billiards ball, a billiard chalk, a table brush and 1 rack. The price of this table is just $137.

MD Sports 84″ Billiard Table and Table Tennis

You can now enjoy two games on a single table. This beautiful 84-inch pool table can easily be converted to a table tennis table. The felt top is removable so you can play table tennis and can be placed back when you need to convert the table for a pool game. Led levelers help in balancing the playfield and the rubber cushions on the legs of the table provide accuracy and speed. The unique broad leg design adds class to this table. You can buy this table for $600.

MD Sports Billiard Table 96 inch

This billiard table has a unique traditional design with the chocolate wood brown finish. The bottle green top comprises of a mix of wool and polyester felt. The pool table has a magnificent look and is perfect for game rooms for personal or professional use. The drop ball pockets are parlor style and the top rails have a wood grain design. Ball set, cues, and other accessories are all included in the kit.

MD Sports Titan 7.5 feet Pool Table

Whether you are a beginner who wishes to try a hand at the pool game or an expert who enjoys spending time playing pool this contemporary design pool table lets you play the game in style. The playfield is  ¾ inch and helps the ball to roll smoothly on the surface. The steel legs are heavy duty and have been designed to take weight during an intense game. The K-66 specified bumper guards hold the table in place for a bounce. The drop pockets have been designed to hold the ball for a long time till the next game begins.

MD Sports 84″ Arcade Billiard Table

Constructed for the tournament this robust tables is an 84-inch masterpiece and one of the best pool tables in MD Sports collection. It is made of MDF wood and the rails and body are scratch proof. It has a beautiful PVC laminate finish which gives it longevity and shine. The legs are also made of MDF wood and levelers have been added with the kit. The board is 18mm thick and the deck holds the ball from rolling off the pool table.

MD Sports Hamilton Billiard Table

The 96 inch Hamilton table comes with a wood top rail and claw legs. The uniquely designed legs give it a traditional and sturdy look. It is perfect for your game room. The inlaid rail markers are handmade and reveal the true quality of this billiard table. You also get a cue rack and an overhead lamp with the Hamilton table. The rack holds all the accessories that come with this set.

MD Sports 32 inch Billiard Table

This billiard table is meant for the family to enjoy. You can also keep this table in your kids room if he or she enjoys the game because it takes up very less space. The rail of the table has a funky finishing and makes it look sporty. The green felt on the play surface compliment the black legs. There are leg levelers included in the kit along with other accessories such as balls, cue ball, chalk cubes, lint brush and pool cues.

MD Sports Criss-Cross Legged Billiard Table

A solid wooden crossed leg design is the main feature of this beautiful table. It has a mahogany color finish and the board measures 96 inches. The bumper rails bounce back the ball and hold on to the play surface for a smooth game. All accessories including cues, balls etc. are included in the kit which comes with this table.



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