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Posted by on September 5, 2018

I was surfing the internet a couple of days back and stumbled upon something known as “artificial hair” implantation. If you men have never come across this idea, imagine using a wig but the hairs are in fact surgically implanted right into your scalp rather than being glued. That is precisely just what artificial hair implantation is. It’s artificial hair, comprised of biocompatible polyamide material that is implanted, one hair each time, secured by a knot right into the scalp cells via an implanter gadget.

Currently, There are currently two artificial hair items offered:

1) Biofibre from Medicap Italy (European countries) and also

2) Nido company from Japan

Some of the side effects from artificial biofiber hair consist of: frequent infections, being rejected and also routine loss of artificial hair fibers needing constant substitute, as well as frequent allergies.

Given that their debut, lots of improvements have been made to the materials to produce the synthetic fibers. Several businesses that use the procedure case that the procedure is much safer compared to ever which many of the previous concerns have currently been settled. Nowadays, firms claim biofiber hair is biocompatible and also made with products accepted by the FDA for clinical usage. Business likewise asserts that it is an easy, quick, relatively easy to fix as well as pain-free outpatient treatment with as much as 800 hairs / hour.

The hairs are available in various sizes (15-45 cms), shades, and styles: curly, curly, straight.

Pros: No down time– Outcomes are instantaneous unlike a normal hair transplant and also individuals, both men and women, do not need to wait till the hairs to expand. They claim the hairs looks natural as well as tough to distinguish from actual ones. People who have a limited benefactor supply can be good prospects as well as no benefactor mark like the FUT or FUE.

Cons: Not long-term and can lose concerning 10-20% of synthetic hair per year and also can leave little scars; normal cleaning to lower opportunities of infection; needs a test patch of concerning 100 hairs to see if it triggers any kind of international body responses; regular upkeep by having to use special hair shampoos and also hair treatment products; hair is constantly the very same size– cannot grow it out. can be an inconvenience for individuals staying in the united states and Canada as they would certainly need to go out of the country to get it done every pair years

Cost and countries for biofibre : $2.9 per hair (NOT grafts) in countries such as Europe, India, Japan

Now, what is my individual point of view on this? I think it’s a poor idea. This is not an irreversible option unlike a routine hair transplant as well as one would constantly need to obtain procedures done when annually to keep up with loss of hair. It could additionally trigger infections as the body can deny the international fibers entering the body. I believe a much better option would certainly be to consider body hair transplantation if someone does not have sufficient donor supply. It resembles having a body organ transplant and also the body declining it. I think it’s the same point as well as likely that this will occur. There is a reason that the United States and several various other nations still outlaw the procedure. I still think the very best means is still the FUE.


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