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Posted by on March 27, 2019


Making good entertainment is necessary if you are a provider in the entertainment industry. Globally, there are packets of music and video projects making the news. A fact to note is the recent increase in demand for Nigerian entertainment; both in music and in videos.

Having seen many new Nigerien music videos topping the charts on MTV Base, it will not be too wrong to conclude that good music videos are making the rounds off the most populous black nation on earth, Nigeria. Gone are the days when up and coming musicians would produce low standard music videos. These days, it’s all about quality. No quality, no airplay, no popularity and eventually no money. Therefore, as a matter of necessity, quality music videos are a must do.

Where do you place the producer of the music in question? Will song producers enjoy credits when videos of the songs they produced are making great success? This is usually the point where people share different views and argue their different points home. For some, successful videos make people listen to the song. They believe that the minute a video becomes very successful, the listening public will have to tag along with the song somehow, whether they want it or not. Others believe that if the songs aren’t worth it, the listening audience will be impatient to watch the video to the end. They argue that if the listening public disagrees with the song for whatever reason, the video won’t make any impact.

Whichever part of the argument you tag with, what is important to note is that both the song and the video played major roles in the success of the material in public? In the musical profession, what the majority thinks is very important because it directly determines who gets successful and who should leave the industry, so a successful project is that which have been generally accepted; known to be common with present day Nigerien musical arts. It is true that music producers and video directors from Nigeria are making more successes these days. No more are they low-keyed and underground; now they rule in their fields.


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