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Posted by on March 29, 2019


Body language and eye contact are the two cornerstones of flirting. Independently of each other, they are strong and seductive tools, but when used together they become a powerhouse of brazen sexuality and flirtatious cool. So if you want to know how to become a bodycontact, body language and eye contact expert, then read on below.

Your body language is an expression of what you are feeling inside and what you project can make all the difference between some men finding your attractive, to nearly every man you meet finding attractive qualities in you.

And you definitely don’t have to be a bona fide sex siren to get the most results, as even slight subtle movements can suggest strong signs of attraction and open the doorway to meeting new people or enticing attraction. Just think about the volumes of information you receive just by looking in to someone eyes, and equally how many signals you can send out with your own.

So if you’re looking to attract men with body language and eye contact use these tried and tested never fail sexual body language moves to have him hanging off his seat for you.

Firstly, eye contact flirting is always a great start. Use it wisely and seductively to invite interaction but be careful not to stare, you don’t want to appear desperate or even a little freakish. Sometimes less is more, so look at your desired target for just that little bit longer than you know you should. Look away but sneak a look back so he knows you’re interested.

Point your body towards him. Frankly men just love to look, so point your body towards him so he can have a full uninterrupted view of your lovely self. Amp it up a little by flicking or tossing your hair, or running your hands from your waist over your rear to smooth your clothes. The point of this is to purposely let him follow your hands as it smoothly and seductively runs over all of your womanly curves.

If you’re sitting across from someone you like, lean in to him to subtly show your interest. Again not to the point where you are falling into his lap or invading his space, but just enough so he can’t keep his eyes off you, a sexy top showing your feminine cleavage is perfect for this.

Very innocently, reapply your lipstick in front of him. Pretend not to notice him as you take it out of your bag and take the lid off, but look him in the eye just as you coat your lips from to bottom. This subliminal message will definitely get him thinking lustful thoughts! And if you’re extra naughty you can also lip your licks as well. This sexy and overt movement should be done slowly and carefully for maximum sexy impact.

And finally, be playful. Men love women who are happy, smiley and can make them laugh. If you can combine this with sexy body language and eye contact, well you’re just one sexy lady, likely surrounded by a bevy of eager suitors.


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