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Posted by on March 30, 2021

The idea of having your private parts locked up in some device can be intimidating and even scary! At first glance, it is hard to see how it can be good for you, but there has been a lot of interest lately in abstaining from having an orgasm for extended intervals of time. Let’s take a look at the most popular questions and misconceptions about chastity cages, which can help you to stop masterbating. 


Is it even safe?

Chastity cages are considered to be quite safe to wear, but you have to take care while putting your cage on and clean it as often as required. A very important part of staying safe while using it is choosing a device that is perfectly your size. If it will be small to a point that you have to force your penis inside, then it can be pretty painful. Also, there is no distinctive maximum time for you to wear a chastity cage, and in fact, many people decide to enjoy being locked up permanently. But you need to keep in mind that it is necessary to take the device off every couple of weeks and properly clean it, along with your penis.


Can it be painful to wear a chastity cage?

As long as you took your time to correctly measure your penis, and chose an appropriately sized chastity device, then using it will not be painful at all. But there still are certain things that might cause you some discomfort or pain. Metal cages, for example, may not be ideal for some people, because they are pretty heavy, and having that excessive weight tugging on your skin can be slightly painful. For those who experience this problem, it would be better to change the cage to a more lightweight one, made of strong plastic or silicone. Another potential thing that can cause you pain while wearing the cage will appear when you start to get an erection. As your penis will start to get bigger, it will soon completely fill the cage. This process can be a little painful, as your penis will press against the edge of the cage, but it will usually pass after a few moments as the erection goes down.


Can a chastity device shrink your penis?

You might have thought about penis shrinkage as simply a scary story people tell one another, but it is, in fact, a real thing. You will find many conflicting opinions about whether a chastity cage can cause it or not. Some people report that they have not noticed anything wrong after being locked up for years, while others find that their penis got smaller after only a month. In reality, though, men’s penises are able to change their size quite often throughout life, and none of the causes for it are directly linked to a chastity cage. And in general, there isn’t much evidence at all about damages caused by chastity cages. While wearing a cage is highly unlikely to cause any long-term penis reduction, you still have to make sure the device isn’t too tight. Your penis will still need constant blood flow even while being flaccid, and if you allow it to be disrupted for too long the skin may actually begin to die. If you begin to notice discoloration of the skin on your penis, you should take the cage off immediately and consult a doctor. There also seems to be a consensus that it is better to avoid wearing the cage all day long, and taking the cage off for the night is the right thing to do. It will allow your penis to get erect and stretch during sleep, and some experts believe that these erections are important to keep the penis healthy.


Can wearing a chastity cage cause softer erections?

Another popular concern people have when they are new to cock cages is whether their erections will keep being as hard as they used to be. There is a fear of not being able to perform after finally getting released from the cage. The chastity device essentially trains you not to have erections at all by making them painful, so this issue is actually a little bit more grounded, but there is still nothing much to worry about. For a lot of men, getting hard in the first place might be a little struggle, but with a little stimulation after taking the cage off, they should quickly become just as hard as ever. Some men notice that after wearing a cage for prolonged periods of time they do actually have softer and shorter erections. But the first one after a long time in chastity is going to be very weak. As time will go by, erections will get stronger and stronger, and you will soon be able to get as hard as you ever could before practicing chastity.


Can chastity cages lead to impotence?

If you would be wearing a chastity cage that is too small and cuts off blood circulation in the penis, then it can lead to some damage to the penis. In such a situation, there might be a chance the device will render you impotent. So you have to be extra careful when measuring your penis to do it correctly and get a cage that fits as it should. If you do everything right your penis will not be in any danger. But still, if you have any concerns about the potential risks of wearing your chastity device, it will always be better to consult your doctor. A specialist will give you a much more accurate understanding of processes inside your body, and tell if you should continue wearing the cage.



There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the use of these devices and it is important to get all the facts straight before trying the chastity cage for the first time. If you will choose the one that fits you well and won’t be forgetting about the regular maintenance, then everything should be safe and healthy.



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