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Posted by on September 19, 2018

Since the legalization of marijuana has been passed for medical purposes in twenty states, physicians need to be educated on the benefits, the side effects, the differences in products, the qualifications patients need to meet, and the regulations for prescribing medical cannabis. Most practitioners who can write prescriptions for patients to take to a cannabis dispensary or submit online are not familiar with the products or processes that are used to relieve pain, symptoms, and anxiety.

Taking the Lead

A multiple state medical cannabis company that controls seed to sale processes for pharmaceutical-grade products is taking the lead in the education of healthcare professionals. Physician-led Vireo Health currently dispenses medical cannabis in Minnesota and New York and is preparing to spread to Maryland and Pennsylvania. A major focus of their work is to educate physicians regarding products available, dosages, and benefits.


The first concept to discover about available products is that they are created from extracts of the cannabis plant and separated into different potency for different conditions. THC dominant products, for example, are potent, psychoactive, and carry multiple side effects that can be debilitating for patients. Dizziness, confusion, an inability to concentrate, and possible hallucinations are a few examples. In an effort to reduce side effects, a small amount of cannabidiol (CBD) is mixed with the THC.

There are also products that are CBD dominate for those with inflammatory conditions, epilepsy, and Crohn’s disease, among others. Very few side effects are reported with these lines of products. The Balanced THC/CBD line gives patients the best of both chemicals to relieve both pain and symptoms. Physicians can consult specially-trained pharmacists and physicians on staff to ask questions and seek recommendations about which product to prescribe for a specific patient.

Delivery Systems

Products in every line can be in the form of oils that dissolve in the mouth, heated oils that are inhaled, and capsules patients simply swallow. The inhaled oils take approximately ten minutes to begin working while the other two can take up to three hours to provide full relief to patients. There is a FAQ section on the website, as well as press releases, detailed information regarding processes and products, and notifications of upcoming events. Those who prescribe medications can learn a host of vital information by clicking here and discussing an educational event for the area.


These very by state and can also be found on the website. Exact qualifications for each of the twenty participating states, plus the District of Columbia, are available on the regulations page of healthcare program websites. Taking the time to become educated can make a significant difference in how physicians develop treatment plans and the quality of life for many patients.


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