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Posted by on May 15, 2018

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A pay per call network refers to a company that offers a platform for pay per call marketing campaigns. These campaigns are usually built upon the interaction of an advertiser and the publisher. A pay per call network enables as a publisher to drive phone calls that are relevant and qualified from one customer who is interested in an appropriate advertiser. To get more info, click  pay per call. A pay per call network has a disposal system that it uses to receive customer calls, qualify them, and route them to an appropriate advertiser.
The initiation of a pay per call marketing campaigns starts with an advertiser who is looking forward to receiving phone calls from customers who are contented with his services. Such an advertiser hires a pay per call network for the facilitation of such dealings with relevant publishers. Once the campaign is created, the publishers apply to promote such a campaign and make negotiations with the pay per call network. The network determines the characteristics of qualified phone calls. It also calculates costs on all generated calls. Characteristics of a qualified phone call include the call length, its origin, and the hours that the phone was received at. It also checks whether such a call resulted in any sales or not.
Upon an agreement on the campaign’s terms, the publishers receive phone numbers that are trackable and are assigned to the pay per call network. These numbers are then promoted to advertising channels. These could be the radio, newspapers, televisions, the internet, billboards and other means of advertising. When a customer calls the advertised number, he or she reaches the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology. To get more info, visit pay per call network. The call then gets routed to the right call center or the sales team of the advertiser.
Pay per call services offers a number of services. These include connecting publishers and advertisers, offering trackable phone numbers, as well as tying the qualified calls to an appropriate publisher or marketing campaign. A pay per call network also accesses all analytics that is related to the phone call’s conversations. The network under instruction might record phone calls to review them later. The network can also identify information of the caller, which includes their geographical region and the device type the caller is using.  Pay per call networks also plays the role of routing phone calls to the necessary agent. This is done based on the caller’s characteristics such as time of the call, location, and other IVR responses.


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