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5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Solar Contractors In Jacksonville Fl


Renewable energy is becoming one of the biggest topics in the world and for good reason. You have probably seen a lot of solar panels in Jacksonville and they are quickly becoming an affordable way to help the environment. Your first step in the process is going to be talking to one of the solar contractors in Jacksonville, FL. There are numerous electrical companies in Jacksonville, FL that would be able to provide you with information on switching to solar.


Looking for solar contractors in Jacksonville, FL is the easy part of the job. You should make sure to keep yourself informed on the technology and what goes with it. This way when you talk to one of the electrical companies in Jacksonville, FL you can ask the right questions about the work. Being informed is going to keep you protected as a homeowner.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you should be asking your residential electrician in Jacksonville, FL.


What Certifications Do You Have?


This should be one of the first questions you ask solar contractors in Jacksonville, FL. Any contractor you hire should have the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners certification and be proud to show it. The NABCEP certification will prove the contractor has the proper training and knowledge on solar panels in Jacksonville.


How Long Have You Been InBusiness?


While it is never fair to assume that new electrical companies in Jacksonville, FL are not going to be good, without a reliable reputation and portfolio, it is difficult to know who is going to do good work. It is sometimes worth giving the new guy a chance, but it is also your home in the balance.


Can You Show Previous Work?


Reassurance is always a good thing when selecting a contractor for an expensive service. Ask your electrical contractor to show previous examples of their work upgrading clients to solar panels in Jacksonville. Any professional who stands by their work will be proud to show off any jobs they have done. So, make sure you ask any potential contractor to share some references. You don’t want to trust such an important project to just anyone, so get some background if you can.


What Does TheWarranty Cover?


As with any expensive purchase in life, it is always a good feeling when it comes with a warranty. Solar panels in Jacksonville are just as prone to accidents as anything else that is outside your home, so it is pertinent to know if you will be covered. Warranties are important to understand so make sure you get all the information you need.


Do I Need Any Permits?


Solar contractors in Jacksonville, FL will already know all of the rules for switching to solar panels on your home. They will normally be able to file any paperwork that is needed and get all the permits to make your build legal.


Make The Switch To Solar


Once you have found electrical contractors in Jacksonville FL that you are happy to work with and who can answer the above questions adequately, you can make the switch to solar. It will be a win-win as you will be helping the environment while also saving money on your electric bill.


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