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Dr. Yaseen is a name which doesn’t need any introduction and this is the best way to get motivated to know more about him. He is very professional and working for more than 23 years of now with various giants and top class companies all around the world. Today, he is associated with the companies in UAE and working professionally for the al badie group without any hassle.

Talking about Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas educational qualifications- he is a CFA Charter Holder and has got the same achievement in Oct 2014. Apart from this, he has also done Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from University of Baghdad in 1998-2003 and very much interested in learning Strategic Studies. He is the best in other academic courses, like- Executives Course in which he has take diploma from N.D. Univ.  in Washington DC, 2004. As he knows very well strategic planning is a crucial subject and he has taken the same very seriously and just succeeded. Today, with the help of the same he can easily take all the best businesses decision via the same and get great outcomes.

Yes, strategic planning is something the core business skill and he is using the very same skill in order to sort out various business issues. Yaseen Al Kamas is absolutely the best in terms to offer great business ideas and sense via which anyone can easily make up the best plan of actions and decision for the fruitful business. He has done B.SC honors in the aeronautical engineering in 1984-1987 and that is the time when he just ran to fetch his dream to be popular. In his studies, he was always a bright student and he always worked so hard to grab the same position which is very hard to get.