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Al Badie group of companies are renowned in the UAE, but people who are living in other countries also know about the Al Badie group of companies. ABG is owned by the Al Badie Family. ABG believe that excellence is possible through the transparency, shared approach, hard teamwork, qualified and experienced staff, sharing risk and maximum profits. The management level of ABG is very strong, the people who are holding a position of VP, President, COO, General Manager and other are having a good professional background, as well as they, have a good educational background too. The Group Chief Operating Officer of ABG is Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas, he has a very strong educational background. He Completed Sc. Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Manchester, UK, he also did Sc. Eng. Fluid Mechanic Engineering from the University of Technology. After that, Dr. Yaseen Alkamas went to Washington, DC for the strategic Studies Dipl., Executives Course N.D. from the University of Washington; D. Mechanical Engineering from the University of Baghdad and at the end, Dr. Yaseen achieved CFA Charterholder certification in the year 2014, which is really a big achievement. He isan expert in developing and implementing the business strategies.