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ABG i.e. Al Badie Group, it is a famous group of companies in the UAE and it is owned by the Al Badie family. ABG made its footprint in all major industries that include the IT, hospitality, property development, oil and gas, finance, insurance, health care, water and electricity, defence projects, marine, auto leasing and rental, travel and tourism, and manufacturing. ABG has various big clients from the government and private sectors. Every company believes in some philosophy, in the same way, the team of Al Badie Group believes that excellence and success possible via the transparency, teamwork, profit with partners and full dedication. Group Chief Operating Officer of ABG is Dr. Yaseen Alkamas. He is a versatile person, who has expertise in several functions that include financial management, project finance management, holding group operations management, investment analysis and investment management, consultant and team management, integrated engineering management, research and development, business strategy (that involves planning and development to achieve the corporate growth), project management and project development, and international business development. Dr. Yaseen is a versatile professional and a key person of the Al Badie group of companies. Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas plays a vital role in the development of a business.