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How To Know If It’s Time For AC Repair Or AC Replacement In Jacksonville


Living in a warmer climate means more importance has to be placed on HVAC systems, whether residential or commercial. So how do you tell if you need AC replacement in Jacksonville, or only need to have repairs done? There are a few tell-tale signs that your air conditioner is in need of replacement, and a few that point towards the repair. If your AC is not turning on it may not be that you need a full AC replacement. It always helps to know what to look for before calling in the pros.




You have to take stock of your AC and figure out some basic information about it so you can weigh your options between AC repair and AC replacement in Jacksonville. Newer machines are much more energy-efficient and most likely worth repairing, but older ones are going to have to go through a bit more rigorous testing to decide.


If you need to know whether to find a reliable AC repair in Jacksonville or just replace the whole thing, we have some information that may help below.


When Was Your AC Manufactured?


Age plays a big role in anything mechanical and electronic. Increases in technology, production procedures and materialsmake older models obsolete as time goes on. If your machine is older than your grown children it is most likely time to look into AC replacement in Jacksonville.


The older an AC system is the more likely you are to run your energy bills high, have less effective indoor cooling, and run into major problems where your AC is not turning on anymore. It is best to play it safe and get an expert opinion on whether you should repair or replace it.


Are You Already Doing Annual Repairs?


This is a problem that a lot of homeowners will run into with everything from lawnmowers to cars, the trend of more frequent repairs. You start to see a pattern with products where it costs more and more money to keep them running. If it comes down to this it is much more affordable to look into AC replacement. If you add up your repair costs and they are even close to the price of a new unit it is time to replace your old unit.


Just Do TheMath


When it all comes down to it whether you do repair or AC replacement in Jacksonville is up to you. Only you know the true opportunity cost between repair and replacement. If your AC is not turning on and you are wasting money trying to fix problems, bite the bullet and buy a new one. It depends on what the cost of repairs or replacement means to you, personally, and whether either option is more worth it in your situation. It really is as easy as doing the math sometimes. If you look into the energy-efficiency and repair savings from a new unit it may make you reconsider calling the next repairman.


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