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Talking about the technique of tantric massage, it should be recognized that there is no strict sequence of certain movements here, because all the movements, their intensity and effort are only the consequences of the movements of your soul heart. Touching it can any parts of the body, since each of them can become an erogenous zone, i.e. the area of the exchange of sexual energy that is transmitted through touch.

You can touch almost any part of the body, including the feet, ears and hands. One must go with the Tantra Massage Mumbai, as the massage movements are performed with the use of oils and incense. Massage takes place under the music of the Indian Kama Sutra, sounds of nature, trance compositions depending on the desired effect — tonic, health, harmonizing, relaxing. Join the best center and feel the energy in your body and transfer it to your partner, achieve pleasure in your body, following the movement of energy, and fill it with a partner. As well as it helps in tantric breathing for improving the mutual understanding, and they are pleased with each other. To plunge into a state of harmony and dissolution, complete relaxation, calm inner dialogue, this is the best of all.

Tantric massage with proper performance brings not only health, but also great pleasure and you must find out Tantra Massage Delhi and attain great benefits in the safe and disrupt ambiance. Tantra teaches that only by giving can one receive. And therefore learn to love, not only to accept, but also to give, to make nice to your loved one. Only in this way you will reach that harmony, dissolved in which you will feel all the delights of tantric massage. The prime thing is not technique, but sensuality, and you act as one half of the whole, where you are able to fantasize as your heart tells you. Mastering the secrets of tantric touch allows you to overcome the disunity of the body, mind, soul so you better hunt for Tantra Massage India, as this is the brilliant idea to get all peace and happiness. A powerful sexual energy is awakened, which can be transformed into any other kind of energy-for example, into creativity. At the same time, the sensitivity of a person in intimacy rises to a qualitatively new level, allowing a new look at yourself, the world and the partner. It gives a state of inner unity and through this state — recovery, both on the physical and psychological level.

With the right Tantra Massage one can get a huge amount of energy, connection to the universal flows, externally it looks like a massage, but, in fact, it is a kind of exercise, practice, method of working with the energy of a person, with his inner life force. One of the functions of massage is to expand perception, unlock the sensory system of a person. One will get the sexual purified energy will be able to heal all areas of your life and fill them with happiness and all pleasure.